Webinars and Video Tutorials

An Introduction to Peering for Finance & Enterprise Networks

Learn more about peering basics and how this can improve your overall network management, routing and control. Watch on demand now.

An Introduction to LINX & Peering Part 1

LINX Presents…
Ever wondered what an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is? LINX’s Head of Global Engagement, Nurani Nimpuno explains it all.

Wireshark: Tips & Tricks

A 2 hour webinar in partnership with Systems & Network Training. Took place on Thursday 23rd April with trainer Brian Rushby. Among the topics covered are packet analysis, plumbing and working efficiently. Watch on demand now.

An Introduction to BGP

BGP is the routing protocol of the Internet and used between LINX members. This two-hour webinar will introduce you to its basic concepts, configurations and use. The training has been presented in partnership Systems & Network Training with trainer Rob Minshall.

An Introduction to EVE-NG

SNT provided us with a short training session on ‘An Introduction to EVE-NG’. This exciting webinar will introduce you to using EVE-ng Community and EVE-ng Professional to simulate networks for learning and testing purposes.

LINX Member Portal: Your Member Services

Get to know your way around the LINX Member Portal. On this tutorial, we explore where to find the new area for LINX Members to view their current services at LINX.

LINX Member Portal: Guardian Contacts

Guardian contacts can select the portal option and log-in. They can edit their organisations contact details held at LINX and associated member contact roles. In the same area they can to delete and add contacts too. Take a look at this new feature.


How the Internet and IXPs handle the impact of COVID-19

Watch back our panel session on ‘How the Internet and IXPs handle the impact of COVID-19’. Hear the perspectives of our friends from NAMEX (Italy), JPIX (Japan), EURO-IX (Europe) & LINX (London).