The LINX106 member conference will take place at the Radisson Blu Cardiff on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th August 2019.


Registration for the LINX106 member conference is now open.

If you are not a LINX member, or do not have a log-in to the LINX member portal, please email where your request will be considered.

LINX106 Registration

Attendee List

The LINX106 attendee list for this event will be viewable on the LINX member portal once registration is open. Please note that a member log-in to the portal is required to gain access.

Attendee List

Meeting Tool

For LINX106 we will again be using a system whereby delegates can arrange 30 minute peering meetings with one another in a dedicated meeting area. Everyone registered for LINX106 will be subscribed to the online meeting tool and will receive email notifications from with details of how to access the facility. The email will also the option to unsubscribe from the tool.

LINX Meeting Tool


We provide wireless connectivity (ssid=linx) during the event. Search for the ‘linx’ network and key the password ‘linx-meeting’. Please don’t hack, snoop, or otherwise do anything that would detrimental to other users.

LINX106 Survey

We encourage all attendees to give their feedback after attending the event. During the second day a link will be posted to the LINX106 survey. Attendees who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for one of four £25 Amazon vouchers.

Webcast for Members

If you are unable to make the conference in person, we provide a webcast service, thanks to Bogons. Members can access the webcast via the ‘events’ section in the LINX Member Portal (log-in required).


Meeting Sponsors

A list of our confirmed sponsors can be found below. If you would like to sponsor an upcoming meeting, please read more about our Sponsorship Packages.

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Social Sponsor

Additional Information

  • LINX106 is a day and a half meeting with a networking social on the Monday evening
  • The Radisson Blu Cardiff is a no smoking zone and in the event of a fire alarm, please vacate the room by the nearest marked exit
  • Members are encouraged to provide lightning talks on their networks with these often taking place before a refreshment or lunch break. Please speak to a member of the LINX team if you would like to get involved in this
  • Refreshments will be available from 10am for the pre scheduled peering meetings, followed by a light lunch at 1pm
  • The meeting commences at 2pm with day one closing at approximately 6pm, with drinks from 6.15 before the official event social begins off-site
  • On day two refreshments will be available from 9.30am in readiness for a 10am meeting start.
  • The second day will end at around 1600.

In Meeting Protocol

  • If you’d like to ask a question or make a point, please hold up your hand and please wait for the microphone to be provided by a member of staff, then state your name and question.
  • If you would like to ask a question anonymously, please direct it to a member of LINX staff who will handle this for you.
  • There is an active IRC channel for in-meeting chatter (#linx on; webcast watchers can use this to ask questions of presenters; we’ve published a guide to using this, which is linked from the main LINX106 meeting page.
  • Please ensure that the meeting is not interrupted by mobile phones & laptop noises!
  • Presentations will be available on the website, so please use that for reference rather than trying to access the webcast from within the room.

Draft Agenda




10:00 AM

Registration Opens
Free wireless connectivity available

10:00 AM – 14:00 PM

Scheduled Peering Meetings
All delegates will be subscribed to our meeting tool. This will enable attendees to arrange private meetings with other delegates if they wish before the main programme begins in the afternoon. Details to follow shortly.

13:00 PM

Light Lunch and Refreshments

14:00 PM

Meeting Start

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Review of LINX105 Minutes (Wednesday)
  • Promotion of the sponsors

Kurtis Lindqvist

14:15 PM

LINX Technology (Part 1) – General update

  • High level projects and investment
  • Portal Development and external API progress
  • Telehouse Update
  • London Office
  • 400GE research


Richard Petrie

14:45 PM


A brief update by Ester Paal from Czech exchange NIX.CZ.

PDF Presentation

Ester Paal

15:00 PM

Quad9 DNS filtering service

The Global Cyber Alliance is one of the founders of Quad9 alongside IBM & PCH. Quad9 is a free to use DNS filtering service at and is protecting over 60million users and blocking millions of harmful web sites daily. Andy Bates will be talking principally about Quad9 and how it can help ISP’s but also about current GCA projects which help to make the internet a safer place.

Andy Bates

15:30 PM

30 minute Refreshment Break / Scheduled Private Meetings

16:00 PM

Superfast Broadband and Digital Strategy for Wales

Michael Groves

16:15 PM

LINX Technology (Part 2) – Projects

  • LON1 evolution, now, next and EVPN
  • LON1 and LON2 buffer configuration review
  • Peering LANs IP address space
  • PDF Presentation
  • Video

Mike Hellers

16:40 PM

Silver Sponsor Presentation: Epsilon

This presentation is being delivered by Mark Daley, Director of Digital Strategy & Business Development at Epsilon Telecommunications

Mark Daley

17:00 PM

CEO and CMO Round Up and Q&A

John Souter & Kurtis Lindqvist

17:45 PM

End of day one of LINX106

Scheduled private meetings for those signed up for the meeting tool

18:00 PM – 23:00 PM

LINX106 Social Event
The social will be held at a venue close to the Radisson Blu Cardiff and is free to attend to all delegates who attend the LINX106 event in person.




09:30 AM

Registration Opens
Free wireless connectivity available

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Peering Meetings
All delegates will be automatically subscribed to our meeting tool. This will enable attendees to arrange private meetings with other delegates if they wish before the main programme begins in the afternoon.

10:00 AM

Welcome & round-the-room introductions


10:05 AM

Meeting Start

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Review of LINX105 Minutes (Thursday)
  • Promotion of the sponsors

10:15 AM

Member Technical Presentation: BBC

Richard Cooper has spoken at a number of LINX member conferences with analysis on the broadcast and streaming of international sporting events. In this presentation Richard be covering the transition of production to IP and the BBC’s plans to peer at LINX Cardiff, and more.

Richard Cooper

10:45 AM

Public Affairs update
LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm Hutty, will provide his popular run through of the latest developments in the regulatory world. In this session he covers Domestic and European policy.

Malcolm Hutty

11:30 AM

30 minute Refreshment Break

12:00 PM

Member Presentation: Spectrum Internet / NSUK

Giles Phelps of NSUK will be giving a talk on the opportunities available in telecoms in Wales

Giles Phelps

12:20 PM

LINX Technology (Part 3) – Operations

  • Route Collectors
  • Alice LG
  • Route Servers, Bird and Bird, RPKI, Development – goBGP & OpenBGPD
  • Operational Issues / major planned maintenance


Mo Shivji

12:30 PM

Interactive Session

Quiz testing the knowledge of members of LINX activities. Session hosted by Jeremy Orbell.


12:50 PM

Day 2 round up

What have we learned, call for any last comments and feedback form filling for a chance to win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers

13:00 PM

Lunch Break / Scheduled Private Meetings / Networking

14:00 PM

End of day two of LINX106

WiFi connectivity will remain available for approximately an hour after event close