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Meet just some of the faces behind the London Internet Exchange as we introduce this new area, interviewing and profiling some of our staff members. We employ approximately 60 members of staff here at LINX across 3 locations that make up departments; Technology & Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Member Relations, Public Affairs, Finance & HR and CEO Team.

Our first introductions are Anne and Esther from our Engineering team and Jo from our Product team. It’s a great opportunity to share these videos and celebrate International Women in Engineering Day which takes place on 23rd June each year. Click here to find out more about INWED, an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available in this exciting industry.

I did feel like I stood out being the only girl in electrical engineering at college. I felt like people were waiting for me to slip up and fail.

It's all about confidence and realising it's OK to ask questions.

Jo Fereday, Product Manager

I progressed from starting in the industry as a NOC Engineer to Network Engineer, Team Leader to my current position managing the team here at LINX.

I fell into this industry really! I was finishing my MBA and working at a GM credit card call center as there was a shortage of teaching positions in Michigan when I graduated from university. I was hired for a position at ANS (former backbone for AOL which developed from Merit). I took to it instantly and haven't looked back since.

Anne Bates, Network Operations Manager

I think women in this environment bring some well needed diversity, women often have a different approach to situations and that can bring a nice balance to any team.

For anyone who is considering a career in our industry, in the words of Nike...just do it! There’s so much to learn and gain from this ever growing industry.

Esther Cobbinah, Network Engineer

More LINX staff introductions coming soon! Check out the current vacancies to join team LINX here.