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Financial Services

Modern financial services need to provide a slick experience to users – without compromising security, reliability or control.

Unlock your Digital Transformation 

with a faster, more reliable network approach

What does LINX offer the Financial Services sector?


By connecting ISPs, partners and customers directly, our peering network helps financial services companies deliver faster, more reliable digital services – at a lower cost and with greater control and insights into their data.

  • Minimise latency across digital services
  • Get greater control and visibility of your data
  • Reduce your network operating costs
  • Connect with the UK’s leading peering community
  • Get started quickly, with a partner based in Europe’s financial capital


LINX helps Financial Services providers take control of their data and deliver faster, safer, future-proofed digital services at a lower cost. See how you can directly connect to ISPs, partners and customers with the UK’s leading interconnection community.

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Take Control of Your Data

Why London?

Europe's Largest Financial Marketplace

Joining LINX’s interconnection platform in London means your traffic is routed through Europe’s financial capital and a major business hub.

London’s DNA is international. It has always been a global financial capital. That is as evident now as it has ever been.

“For centuries, London’s resilient markets and institutions have powered the world’s economy. Through business and economic cycles and amidst times of great change and challenge London Stock Exchange has supported businesses by connecting them with capital…”

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This keeps you closer to the biggest and best global ISPs and content partners and also means you can get colocation services at the competitive price businesses have come to expect from London.

The world’s global banking centre

“Around 250 foreign banks are active in the UK, and there are more bank head offices in the City than anywhere else in the world. The UK is the world’s leading centre for foreign exchange trading, with more dollars and euros traded in London than in the US and the Euro-area respectively…”

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