Women at LINX

With an increasing number of Women in Tech communities meeting and networking within our industry, we’d like to introduce you to some of our amazing Women at LINX!

I was one of two women in my building engineering class. I didn’t find it odd at the time, and it never bothered me, but in hindsight, I think it was a shame to not have more female peers around me to learn from. Now I try to make it a point to help and support other women in this industry.

I have always been passionate about technology. Good technology is another set of tools at our disposal, and if used well, they can enhance our lives, bring us together, educate and inform us. I do admit to getting quite excited about neat, well-made technical solutions, but at the end of the day, it’s all about how you use that technology.

I think women in this environment bring some well needed diversity, women often have a different approach to situations and that can bring a nice balance to any team.

Esther Cobbinah, Network Engineer

For anyone who is considering a career in our industry, in the words of Nike...just do it! There’s so much to learn and gain from this ever growing industry.

I progressed from starting in the industry as a NOC Engineer to Network Engineer, Team Leader to my current position managing the team here at LINX.

Anne Bates, Network Operations Manager

I fell into this industry really! I was finishing my MBA and working at a GM credit card call center as there was a shortage of teaching positions in Michigan when I graduated from university. I was hired for a position at ANS (former backbone for AOL which developed from Merit). I took to it instantly and haven't looked back since.

I did feel like I stood out being the only girl in electrical engineering at college. I felt like people were waiting for me to slip up and fail.

Jo Fereday, Product Manager

It's all about confidence and realising it's OK to ask questions.

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