Directors’ Attributes & Requirements

The Role

The LINX Board of Directors is responsible for making strategic and policy decisions, steering the overall direction of the LINX in the best interests of its members and for the oversight and good governance of the Company. Board meetings are currently held approximately eight times a year and are a mixture of one day meetings, typically in London, and video conferences. In addition, Board members are expected to attend induction sessions, strategy sessions, occasional ad-hoc meetings and other official events.

Board members will need to have the available time to prepare for those meetings, participate and contribute, be responsive on email list and by other communication methods between meetings, be prepared to accept action points and contribute to, or lead, working groups. The minimum time commitment will be one to two days per month, though the time required can be considerably more.

A subset of the Board, together with additional appointed directors also form the boards of LINX’s three affiliates, London Internet Exchange Trading Ltd, plus in the USA, LINX America Incorporated and LINX USA Incorporated (Delaware corporations).

Board Member Responsibilities
  • Contributing to strategy – by bringing an external perspective and their skills and experience to strategy development and guiding the direction of LINX
  • Contributing to developing a cohesive team – by being team players and participating in the strengthening and development of a high performing team at Board and senior management level
  • Oversight – by monitoring and reviewing the performance of executive management in achieving the company’s strategic plan
  • Support – by bringing their external perspective, skills and experience to supporting the leadership and development of LINX
  • Committee membership – by serving on sub and ad hoc committees as appropriate
  • Other participation – by participating in external, LINX member and other stakeholder community events
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest – to ensure that you do not allow yourself to be compromised by conflicting interests.
The Nominee

The following is for guidance only. The ideal candidate for this role would match a significant cross section of the criteria below. It is unlikely that one person will have all these attributes, but should complement the existing directors so that the LINX Board has a good overall mix.

Qualifications and experience
  • Board, Director-level or other senior management experience in organisations equivalent to LINX (or of greater size and scope).
  • Understanding and experience of the role, duties and responsibilities of a non-executive director; key business concepts including key financials.
  • A successful track record of leading the formulation and delivery of successful business objectives, strategies and policies.
  • Relevant business experience in HR, finance, technology, marketing, communications, corporate governance, public affairs, procurement, etc.
  • Ability to reach considered and balanced judgements in an impartial, objective and transparent manner.

Whilst it is clear that a mix of skills is desirable on the Board, it is not expected that any candidate will fill all the ideal criteria. If you are considering standing, we would recommend you contact the CEO to discuss the expectations.

Ability, skills and knowledge
  • The resilience and integrity to reach well balanced judgements in an impartial, objective and transparent manner
  • An ability to consider the wider issues rather than be involved in the detail.
  • Demonstrate a sense of depth and rigour in decision making
  • An understanding of the cultural differences of private and public sector stakeholders
  • An understanding of core business financial principles
Personal style and behaviour
  • Good communication skills and a clear speaking style
  • The ability to listen to and communicate clearly with with stakeholders at all levels and to build consensus
  • Feel confident and able to contribute usefully to discussions outside your main area of expertise
  • Be personally credible to stakeholders
  • Work constructively with and support LINX’s staff and other Board members