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Standing for the Board

The LINX Board is comprised of an appointed independent non-executive Chairman, six elected non-executive directors and four appointed executive directors.

Elected non-executive directors are appointed through an election by the LINX membership at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and serve a period of up to three years, after which they are required to retire by rotation and are eligible to stand for re-election, subject to a term limit of nine consecutive years.

Standing for Election & The Role

Notice will be given to members that a board election will follow the LINX AGM. Any LINX member who has voting rights is then entitled to nominate a candidate not more than 49 days or less than 28 days before the AGM.

The person who has been nominated needs to confirm that they are willing to stand for election within the same time frame. Both the nomination and confirmation by the candidate should be addressed to  and copied to

Two posts are available for election in 2022, and existing Board members may stand for re‑election, subject to the applicable term limits.

Full details of the process may be found in the LINX Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The LINX Board of Directors is responsible for making strategic and policy decisions, steering the overall direction of LINX and for the oversight and good governance of the Company.

Roles & Remuneration   Terms of Reference



Time commitment (approximately 24 days per year)

  • Board meetings (typically in London): 8 to 12 days per year
  • Subcommittee meetings: 4 x half day meetings per year
  • Quarterly LINX member meetings: 4 x two day meetings
  • Other ad hoc meetings (induction, appraisals, staff meetings, etc.) and outreach work.

Attendance in person is recommended, but video conferencing facilities are available as it is not always possible for every board member to be in London. In addition, board members interact regularly by e-mail. Board members may also be appointed as directors of LINX’s subsidiaries including LINX’s US-based companies.

Candidates should, where possible, be free from conflicts of interest.

You should ensure that your employer is supportive of your candidature.

Given the time commitments and type of candidates the company seeks to attract, the non-executive director role is remunerated.



The Candidate & Statement

LINX encourages a wide range of candidates who believe they would provide a positive contribution to the board. To guide potential candidates and members, we would recommend that ideal candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Board, Director-level or other senior management experience in organisations equivalent to LINX (or of greater size and scope).
  • Understanding and experience of the role, duties and responsibilities of a non-executive director; key business concepts including key financials.
  • A successful track record of leading the formulation and delivery of successful business objectives, strategies and policies.
  • Relevant business experience in HR, finance, technology, marketing, communications, corporate governance, public affairs, procurement, etc.
  • Ability to reach considered and balanced judgements in an impartial, objective and transparent manner.

Whilst it is clear that a mix of skills is desirable on the Board, it is not expected that any candidate will fill all the ideal criteria. If you are considering standing, we would recommend you contact the CEO to discuss the expectations.

Attributes & Requirements


Candidates are invited to supply an election statement and supporting information which LINX will distribute to members eligible to vote.

You may structure your statement as you wish, but we strongly recommend you address the following:

  • Your past experience, and how you meet the above criteria.
  • Why you wish to stand for the LINX board.
  • Your past involvement in LINX and the wider Internet community.
  • Your view of the future direction of LINX.
  • An indication (as applicable) of the support you have from your organisation or employer, especially in respect to the time commitment.
  • A statement of what you think your strengths and weaknesses are, in relation to the role.
  • If this would be your first Board level appointment, or if you are relatively inexperienced in serving on the Boards of companies such as LINX, what you would do about that in terms of appropriate personal development.

Statements should be supplied in either text or HTML format. These will be published on the website 28 days before the AGM. For avoidance of doubt, this means statements must be received by 28/04/2022 23:59 BST.

Election Process

DateElection stage
14/04/2022Opening of nominations
23:59 BST
Close of nominations

Deadline for submission of election statement and confirmation of willingness to stand for election

After 28/04/2022Publication of election material on website
12/05/2022Voting begins
27/05/2022Voting closes after the AGM.

Results will be announced soon after voting closes

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