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The LINX Team are working hard to turn our normal events into virtual ones! Bear with us and keep checking back for updates.

If you want to meet any of the team face to face (virtually) email and we will be able to create you a zoom meeting!

We all look forward to seeing you in person at the next event soon.

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October Events

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Tuesday 3rd November 13:30GMT
Come and join us for our next Member Meeting - LINX110!
Due to the current situation, we are no longer able to host our next member meeting in person.
The LINX110 member meeting will take place as a virtual meeting on
Tuesday 3rd November 2020 starting at 1:30 pm with a virtual social at 4:30 pm GMT.

LINX Presents - Emily Taylor

10:00 GMT Thursday 19th November
New IP, China's project to make new Internet standards: you must ask the right question.

When news broke that China was seeking to standardize a replacement for TCP/IP through the UN's International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the response from the engineering community in the West was derisive. But are we asking the right questions? History shows that in standards wars, the best technology does not always win. To understand China's strategy, we need to ask different questions, like how would these proposals assist national strategies in China? Why is the choice of venue, ITU, significant for internet governance and trade reasons? Might we end up with a splinternet, even if we don't need one?

LINX Presents - Philip Smith

10.00 GMT Tuesday 24th November
Building a network remotely in the Pacific during a pandemic.
Philip Smith has been working in the Internet industry since the early 1990s after catching the Internet bug in the mid 1980s while at University.

He previously worked at APNIC as Learning and Development Director, where his team's responsibilities ranged from Training, APNIC Conferences and Events, Network Operations Group support, Technical Programmes such as IPv6 Deployment, Internet Exchange Points, and Rootname Server deployments, and the Information Society Innovation Fund grants programme.


LINX Presents - Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder

10:00 GMT Tuesday 1st December
Current cyber security threats and what to do?
It is time to stop being naive when it comes to Cyber Security. Many companies will be caught if they are. Even size doesn’t help you. And it is very important to be not just reactive, but pro-active. You can’t just be average, you’ve got to be the best you can. With examples of earlier incidents Anne-Marie will point out need of immediate action.

An Introduction to IXPs & Peering Part 2

LINX Presents...

What is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Part 2! LINX's Head of Global Engagement, Nurani Nimpuno explains it all.