The LINX107 member conference and AGM will take place at the Park Plaza Victoria, in London on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th November 2019.


Registration for the LINX107 member conference and EGM has now closed.

If you had registered and are not now able to attend please email us at

Meeting Tool

For LINX107 we will again be using a system whereby delegates can arrange 30 minute peering meetings with one another in a dedicated meeting area. Everyone registered for LINX107 will be subscribed to the online meeting tool and will receive email notifications from with details of how to access the facility. The email will also the option to unsubscribe from the tool.

LINX Meeting Tool

Attendee List

The LINX107 attendee list for this event is viewable on the LINX member portal.

Please note that a member log-in to the portal is required to gain access.

Attendee List


We provide wireless connectivity (ssid=linx) during the event. Search for the ‘linx’ network and key the password ‘linx-meeting’. Please don’t hack, snoop, or otherwise do anything that would detrimental to other users.

LINX107 Survey

We encourage all attendees to give their feedback after attending the event. During the second day a link will be posted to the LINX107 survey. Attendees who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for one of four £25 Amazon vouchers.

Webcast for Members

If you are unable to make the conference in person, we provide a webcast service, thanks to Bogons. Members can access the webcast via the ‘events’ section in the LINX Member Portal (log-in required).


Meeting Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor an upcoming meeting, please read more about our Sponsorship Packages.

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Additional Information

  • LINX107 is a day and a half meeting with a networking social on the Monday evening
  • The Park Plaza Victoria is a no smoking zone and in the event of a fire alarm, please vacate the room by the nearest marked exit
  • Members are encouraged to provide lightning talks on their networks with these often taking place before a refreshment or lunch break. Please speak to a member of the LINX team if you would like to get involved in this
  • Refreshments will be available from 10am for the pre scheduled peering meetings, followed by a light lunch at 1.00pm
  • The meeting commences at 2.00pm with day one closing at approximately 6.15pm before the official event social begins at 7.00pm at a location to be announced
  • On day two refreshments will be available from 9.30am in readiness for a 10am meeting start.
  • The second day will end at around 1600.

In Meeting Protocol

  • If you’d like to ask a question or make a point, please hold up your hand and please wait for the microphone to be provided by a member of staff, then state your name and question.
  • If you would like to ask a question anonymously, please direct it to a member of LINX staff who will handle this for you.
  • There is an active IRC channel for in-meeting chatter (#linx on; webcast watchers can use this to ask questions of presenters; we’ve published a guide to using this, which is linked from the main LINX107 meeting page.
  • Please ensure that the meeting is not interrupted by mobile phones & laptop noises!
  • Presentations will be available on the website, so please use that for reference rather than trying to access the webcast from within the room.

Webcast for Members

If you are unable to make the conference in person we provide a webcast service. Members will be able to access the webcast via the ‘events’ section in the LINX Member Portal (log-in required).

LINX has been webcasting its member meetings for 15 years since LINX41 in May 2003. The service, which is provided by LINX member Bogons, is an excellent way for LINX’s global membership to follow conference proceedings if they are unable to make the event in person.

To view example footage please watch our video.

Draft Agenda

The draft agenda for this event is below. Please note that timings and content is still subject to change.

Day 1 – Monday



10:00 AM

Registration Opens
Free wireless connectivity available

10:00 AM
14:00 PM

Peering Meetings
All delegates will be automatically subscribed to our meeting tool. This will enable attendees to arrange private meetings with other delegates if they wish before the main programme begins in the afternoon.

13.00 PM

Light lunch and refreshments

14:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Promotion of the sponsors

Jennifer Holmes

14:10 PM

LINX Technology (Part 1)

Projects (Richard Petrie)

  • TH Project update
  • IX-API – Status
  • CRM improvements
  • Billing system update
  • All services in one place
  • Automation and reconciliation
  • Feeds into digitisation of LINX services, all member services on our portal
  • Office move, picture .. we have some restrictions now on member visits
  • Manchester, 4th site
  • Cardiff, new site, next year

Service issues (Anne Bates)

  •  Power issue in TH west, MX10K
  •  Nova power
  •  Change Freeze
  •  Maintenances, including LD6

Richard Petrie
& Anne Bates

14:40 PM

Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Telent

Driving the Road to 5G Brief
This session will examine the changes in the network driven by LTE-A and 5G radio and how that impacts routing, security and the bandwidth needed for peering. The deployment of the Edge Cloud as the platform to drive new low latency &/or distributed service revenue across both the wide area and enterprise private networks will be discussed. Some of the trials and PoCs underway to prove the technology and use cases will be presented.

Ian Goetz

14:55 PM

CEO update inc. Membership Survey Results

Kurtis Lindqvist

15:25 PM

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Juniper Networks

Vision of the Self Driving Network

Kireeti Kompella

15:35 PM

RIPE Policy update
In his regular member conference presentation Nigel Titley will explain progress on RIPE policy.

Nigel Titley

15:45 PM

30 minute break and scheduled meetings

16:15 PM

Bird route server project update

Ondrej Filip of Czech IXP, NIX.CZ, returns to give a short update on the BIRD route server project. This development was deemed so important it was honoured with the Conspicuous Contribution to LINX Award in 2010.

“The Conspicuous Contribution Award is presented to individuals or organisations who’ve demonstrated commitment to the development of LINX and the industry as a whole. There’s no doubt that BIRD is an important step forward in route server technology.” – John Souter

Ondrej Filip

16:30 PM

Public Affairs update

LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm Hutty, will provide his popular run through of the latest developments in the regulatory world.

Malcolm Hutty

17:05 PM

Silver Sponsor Presentation: Nokia

Peering Anno 2020: harder, better, faster, stronger
This presentation will discuss peering in the context of 400G and beyond, how telemetry information can be used as part of a closed-loop automation chain and how this leads to a better balanced network.

Jonas Vermeulen

17:10 PM

Trends in 400G Optics for the Data Center

The data center ecosystem is going through unprecedented growth and innovation as new players, new business models and new technologies converge. One of the drivers is the evolving landscape of fiber optics technologies enabling new architectures and enhanced levels of performance for both cloud service providers and enterprises. Data centers now require Ethernet switches supporting 400 Gb/s data rates with high port count and low power dissipation. The talk by Finisar’s Christian Urricariet covers the latest 400G industry trends in optics for the data center.

Christian Urricariet

17:40 PM

2020 LINX Budget Presentation

Kurtis Lindqvist
Malcolm Holt

17:40 PM

How LINX and interconnect has changed over the past 25 years

A perspective on 25 years of LINX and the wider interconnect sector from the brink of retirement…Can he tell the full story in 25 minutes?

John Souter

18:10 PM

End of day one of LINX107

Social commences with drinks at the Park Plaza Victoria from 18:00.

18:30 PM

LINX107 Social Event – LINX 25th Birthday Party

The social will be held at a venue close to the Park Plaza Victoria and is free to attend to guests and all delegates who attend the LINX107 event in person.

Day 2 – Tuesday



09:30 AM

Registration Opens

Scheduled meetings for those signed up for the meeting tool

10:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Promotion of the sponsors

Jeremy Orbell

10:10 AM

LINX Technology (Part 2)

Flemming (20 Mins)

LON updates (Flemming Heino)

  • Juniper, LON1
    • MX10K update: where we are, next steps, core and PTX removal
    • EVPN & PoC
    • 400G
  • LON2
    • Latest 1.3.6 being tested

Tooling and Services (Mike Hellers)

  • Router Servers
    • Bird & Quagga
    • RPKI
    •  Config automation
  •  Collectors
    • Alice Looking glass

Flemming Heino
& Mike Hellers

10:45 AM

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Xantaro / A10

DDoS Protection Solution
Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System)

Stefan Braun

10:55 AM

Silver Sponsor Presentation: ProLabs

Self-tuning optics; rolling our DWDM to remote locations
A new concept for tunable optics to facilitate deployment into devices that would not normally support tuning

Matthew Pincus

11:00 AM

GDPR Consultation

Malcolm Hutty

11:20 AM

30 minute break and scheduled meetings

11:50 AM


Brazil IX (IX.BR), part of the Brazil Network Info Centre (NIC.BR), have an interesting story. By ASN count, collective across Brazil, they are the largest IX business with some 1500+ ASNs and over 6Tb/s of traffic. In this talk Infrastructure Manager Julio Sirota will talk about the operations of IX.BR, the peering scene in Brazil and the wider view of telecoms in South America.

Julio Sirota

12:20 PM

Peering in Wales update

Michael Groves

12:30 PM

Giant Leaps! 2019 – The Moon Landing at 50 and LINX at 25

2019 is not only the 25th anniversary of LINX it is the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. LINX Board member Neil McRae, himself named after Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon, presents a talk that focuses on the the communication between Mission Control and the Luna module and linking it to the ever increasing need for clear and quick communication today.

Neil McRae

13:00 PM

60 minute lunch break and scheduled meetings

14:00 PM

Member Talk: Telia

RPKI Introduction in a Tier1 Transit Network
This presentation will explain how Telia Carrier approached improving routing security, alongside MANRs actions, by deploying RPKI validation and the roll out of the rejecting Invalids.

Jorg Dekker

14:40 PM

IXPs in Asia

PDF Presentation

Philip Smith

15:10 PM


LINX’s Japanese IXP Reseller partner, JPIX, provides a brief insight into the partnership and the local peering scene.

Tetsuya Hamada

15:20 PM

NaWas and private VLAN’s on LINX

Pim van Stam

15:35 PM

LINX in the 90s

Paul Thornton recounts the developments of LINX from its very earliest days.

Paul Thornton

15:55 PM

Day 2 round up

What have we learned, call for any last comments and feedback form filling for a chance to win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers

16:00 PM

End of day two of LINX107