Park Plaza London Victoria


The LINX108 member conference and EGM will take place at the Park Plaza Victoria, in London on Monday 24th February 2020.


Registration for the LINX108 member conference is now open.

If you are not a LINX member but would like to attend please email us at

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Meeting Tool

For LINX108 we will again be using a system whereby delegates can arrange 30 minute peering meetings with one another in a dedicated meeting area. Everyone registered for LINX108 will be subscribed to the online meeting tool and will receive email notifications from with details of how to access the facility. The email will also the option to unsubscribe from the tool.

Attendee List

The LINX108 attendee list for this event will be viewable on the LINX member portal.

Please note that a member log-in to the portal is required to gain access.

Attendee List


We provide wireless connectivity (ssid=linx) during the event. Search for the ‘linx’ network and key the password ‘linx-meeting’. Please don’t hack, snoop, or otherwise do anything that would detrimental to other users.

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Additional Information

  • Unlike previous events LINX108 is a one day meeting with a networking social on the Monday evening
  • The Park Plaza Victoria is a no smoking zone and in the event of a fire alarm, please vacate the room by the nearest marked exit
  • Members are encouraged to provide lightning talks on their networks with these often taking place before a refreshment or lunch break. Please speak to a member of the LINX team if you would like to get involved in this
  • Refreshments will be available from 9.15am for the pre scheduled peering meetings with a light lunch scheduled at 1.00pm
  • The meeting commences at 10.00am with day one closing at approximately 5.30pm
  • The official event social begins at 5.45pm at a location to be announced

In Meeting Protocol

  • If you’d like to ask a question or make a point, please hold up your hand and please wait for the microphone to be provided by a member of staff, then state your name and question.
  • If you would like to ask a question anonymously, please direct it to a member of LINX staff who will handle this for you.
  • There is an active IRC channel for in-meeting chatter (#linx on; webcast watchers can use this to ask questions of presenters; we’ve published a guide to using this, which is linked from the main LINX108 meeting page.
  • Please ensure that the meeting is not interrupted by mobile phones & laptop noises!
  • Presentations will be available on the website, so please use that for reference rather than trying to access the webcast from within the room.

Webcast for Members

If you are unable to make the conference in person we provide a webcast service. Members will be able to access the webcast via the ‘events’ section in the LINX Member Portal (log-in required).

LINX has been webcasting its member meetings for 15 years since LINX41 in May 2003. The service, which is provided by LINX member Bogons, is an excellent way for LINX’s global membership to follow conference proceedings if they are unable to make the event in person.

To view example footage please watch our video.

LINX108 Feedback

We encourage all attendees to give their feedback after attending the event. During the afternoon a link will be posted to the LINX108 survey. Attendees who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for one of four £25 Amazon vouchers.

Draft Agenda

As announced in November LINX are trialing a more condensed one day event programme for its February member meeting. The agenda structure for LINX108 is shown below with the full topic details and speakers for each session to be made available shortly.

With registration opening on Monday 13th January we wanted members to see how the day is expected to run so they can play their day appropriately. In summary…

  • Morning session: LINX operational, network, governance and regulatory presentations by staff plus headline sponsor
  • Afternoon session: External talks including member technical talks, guest IXPs, panel sessions and gold and silver sponsors

Please note that timings and content shown below is still subject to change but any alterations will be announced by all the usual social media channels.




9:00 AM

Registration Opens

  • Refreshments available
  • Free wireless connectivity available

10:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Promotion of the sponsors


Jeremy Orbell

10:05 AM

CEO update



Kurtis Lindqvist

10:35 AM

LINX Technology update

  • CTO overview
  • Projects
  • Service issues
  • Network developments
  • Tooling and Services



Richard Petrie
& Mike Hellers

11:15 AM

30 minute break and scheduled meetings

11:45 AM

Introduction to new LINX Chairman, Pieter Knook


Introduced by
Kurtis Lindqvist

11:55 AM

LINX Finance

  • Processes update


Malcolm Holt

12:00 PM

Gold sponsor presentation: Telent

Considerations for the deployment of 100Gbps Transit/Peering Links

  • 100GbE Commercial and Economic aspects.
  • 100GbE DDoS Defence Experiences and Implications.
  • How Telent is addressing the security of edge connectivity bandwidth shifts with Corero. e.g. In-House Skills / capability in labs / in-silicone filtration models etc

This talk will be presented by Peter Cutler, EMEA Systems Engineering Lead from Corero



Peter Cutler

12:10 PM

Public Affairs update

LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm Hutty, will provide his popular run through of the latest developments in the regulatory world.



Malcolm Hutty

13:00 PM

60 minute lunch break and scheduled meetings

14:00 PM

Fantastic People and where to find them

  • Making layers 8 and 9 work for you

In this presentation, Julia explores the unintentional (but often harmful) prejudices people and organisations have while hiring new staff and trying to retain qualified staff. The talk will make you think about your daily routine and biasses in a clear and entertaining way, using real life examples. This is a great learning experience for everyone, but especially those who have any involvement in the hiring and management processes.



Julia Freeman

14:30 PM

Extraordinary General Meeting, including:

  • Voting on appointment of new LINX Chairman
  • Voting on change to MoU



Steve Wright

14:35 PM

Associate member presentation: Team Cymru / TC-UK Internet Security

DNS Hijacking, Gaps, and Fixes

This cursory look into the DNS Hijacking that prompted warnings from NCSC-UK, US CISA, and several others within the infrastructure defense world briefly describes how the attacks took place and the gap that this exposes. After stating that problem, a potential solution Team Cymru is working on in collaboration with several others in the broader community will be discussed.

The presentation will also include a brief refresher on Team Cymru’s Community Services.


James Shank

15:00 PM

BGP Telemetry
In network engineering there is a subtle difference between “it works” and “it appears to work”. BGP is no exception to this – it is universally deployed building block for a multitude of network services, and yet it may be difficult to get insight into the actual operation of BGP, even more so in the case of possible malicious or unintentional problems. Over time network engineering community has developed practices and tools that would allow for some insight into the operation of BGP, but the state and fragmentation of those practices certainly could be better. IETF has produced a telemetry mechanism for BGP monitoring – BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP).

This talk will provide a brief overview of BGP monitoring domain problem space, take a quick look at available mechanisms prior to BGP, provide the motivation for the new protocol and the overall concept of routing protocol telemetry, and discuss possible practical use cases of BMP. In addition there will be an overview of the results of BMP implementation interoperability testing that has been ongoing during IETF meetings.



Ignas Bagdonas

15:30 PM

RIPE Policy update
In his regular member conference presentation Nigel Titley will explain progress on RIPE policy.



Nigel Titley

15:40 PM

30 minute break and scheduled meetings

16:10 PM

Update on DNS over HTTPS – standards, browsers, resolvers, ISP trials & impact areas
This presentation will provide an update on status of DNS over HTTPS within the IETF, summary on latest browser and OS adoption plans, cloud / ISP resolver support, early observations from BT’s DoH trial and key impact areas requiring further industry engagement.

Your speaker will be Andy Fidler, Principal Network Architect at BT Technology.



Andy Fidler

16:35 PM

Guest IXP presentation: France-IX
An update on developments at the Paris exchange with an overview of what’s happening in the French telecoms market.



Franck Simon

17:00 PM

The IXPDB and other Euro-IX Activities
In this presentation Bijal Sanghani will give an update on some of Euro-IX’s activities. This will include the IXPDB and tools, workshops and outcomes an update on Euro-IX route server projects and the Peering Toolbox.



Bijal Sanghani

17:15 PM

5G – Will it deliver?

So 5G has arrived, and years of hype promised much, but what impact is 5G actually likely to have, where, and when?

PDF (Part 1)

PDF (Part 2)


Julian McGougan

17:45 PM

LINX108 Round Up & Close
What have we learned, call for any last comments and feedback form filling for a chance to win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers

17:45 PM

LINX108 Social

The social will be held at a venue close to the Park Plaza Victoria and is free to attend to guests and all delegates who attend the LINX108 event in person.