Due to the current situation we are no longer able to host our next member meeting in person.

The LINX110 member meeting will take place as a virtual meeting on
Tuesday 3rd November 2020 starting at 1:30pm with a virtual social at 4:30pm GMT.


Registration for the LINX110 member conference has closed and the link to the meeting has been sent to everyone who has registered.  

You will not be allowed to enter the meeting unless you have registered.

If you have not received your email, please check your junk. If still not found, please email

New for LINX110

  • This time LINX110 is a Zoom meeting rather than a webinar which will aid interactivity and enable attendees to so others watching in
  • We have introduced a 15-minute coffee break with different rooms where people can chat and talk on different topics
  • The post-event social is a quiz hosted by Jay Flynn MBE of Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz fame. Three rounds of 10 questions featuring: tech and LINX questions, international questions covering countries and food and drink etc and the usual general knowledge
  • The event T-Shirt is back! We’ve ordered a supply of T-Shirts to cover the virtual meetings we’ve had this year.

LINX110 Limited Edition T-shirt!

As a thank you for attending the meeting and completing our event survey we will send you a special 2020 virtual events T-Shirt. You really don’t want to miss out.To register to attend LINX110 please go to today!

Meeting Tool

For LINX110 we will be providing an online booking system whereby delegates can arrange peering meetings with one another in a dedicated meeting area. Everyone registered for LINX110 who ‘ opted in’ to the meeting tool will receive email notification with details of how to access the facility.

The tool will be available during the original dates of the LINX Meeting (Monday 2nd November from 8:00 am GMT until Tuesday 3rd November 13:30 pm GMT) so take advantage of the 24/7 meeting slots and book a meeting!

All email codes have been sent out, if you haven’t received yours yet, please get in contact with us at

Watch our Meeting Tool How To Guide

Attendee List

The LINX110 attendee list for this event will be viewable on the LINX member portal once registration is live.

Please note that a member log-in to the portal is required to gain access.

LINX110 Feedback

We encourage all attendees to give their feedback after attending the event. During the afternoon a link will be posted to the LINX110 survey. Attendees who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for an Amazon voucher worth £100. 

Jay's Virtual LINX Quiz


Please note: This is a draft agenda. Please check this page again soon for further details and updates.

Session Time



13:30 PM

Welcome and CEO Update
inc. 2020 LINX Membership Survey Results

Video  |  PDF

Kurtis Lindqvist

13:55 PM

LINX Product Update inc. 2021 Fees
  • In addition to an update on LINX products and new services this session will include the fees schedule for 2021. This will be a proposal only to be voted on at the EGM in December.
    LINX Services and Fees 2021

Video  |  PDF

Jennifer Holmes
Mike Hellers

14:10 PM

Public Affairs Update

Update on policy developments

Video  |  PDF

Malcolm Hutty

14:25 PM

Constitutional Session
  • LINX Chair, Pieter Knook, will give a short introduction to why we are not holding an EGM for the November meeting
  • Malcolm Hutty will summarise the consultation and answer any questions

Virtual GMs | PDF
EGM Announcement | PDF


Pieter Knook
Malcolm Hutty

14:40 PM

Presentation of the 2021 Budget 

LINX Budget 2021

Video  |  PDF

Malcolm Holt

14:45 PM

Refreshment Break & Networking

15:00 PM

Technical Presentation: Is 5G ready for enterprise & is enterprise ready for 5G?

All 4 UK mobile network operators are busy rolling out 5G, and trumpeting how fast their downlinks are, and how many cities their 5G is now available in. But as with previous generations of mobile technology, the current 5G offering is mostly a consumer-focused proposition. Yet arguably 5G’s biggest value adds should lie with enterprise. So is enterprise ready to grasp the 5G opportunity; how might Covid change this; and will the MNOs work out how to sell something other than airtime to business?

Video  |  PDF

Julian McGougan

15:30 PM

Technical Presentation: Hurricane Electric’s RPKI deployment

This talk discusses Hurricane Electric’s RPKI deployment, which was performed without requiring hardware upgrades or vendor support for RPKI. It also explains the tools that were developed for peers and downstream networks who might need information about which prefixes were validated and why.

Video  |  PDF

Susan Forney

16:00 PM

LINX Engineering Update
  • LON1, Juniper EVPN
  • 400GE readiness
  • Manchester switched to Edgecore technology
  • Member Services, such as Route Servers, Looking Glass, Collectors, etc.

Video  |  PDF

Richard Petrie

16:20 PM


16:30 PM

Virtual Social – Jay’s Virtual LINX Quiz

We are delighted to welcome Jay Flynn MBE as host of a special LINX quiz. Jay shot to fame as Lockdown 1.0 began with his Virtual Pub Quiz which went on to set a Guinness World Record of over 180,000 simultaneous participants back in April.

There will be three rounds of 10 questions:

  • International Round (inc. Geography and Food & Drink)
  • LINX & Technology Round
  • Geberal* Knowledge Round

*This is NOT a spelling mistake as watchers of his regular Thursday night quizzes will know!

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17:15 PM

Networking before LINX110 concludes at 18:00 PM