The LINX112 member meeting took place as a virtual meeting on
Thursday 18th February 2021.


Registration for the LINX112 member conference has closed.

What to expect from our virtual meeting.

  • This time LINX112 is a Zoom meeting rather than a webinar which will aid interactivity and enable attendees to see others watching in
  • We have introduced a 15-minute coffee break with different rooms where people can chat and talk on different topics
  • We will have our usual LINX presenters and external presenters for this meeting

LINX112 Feedback

We encourage all attendees to give their feedback after attending the event. A link to the LINX112 survey is below. Attendees who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for an Amazon voucher worth £100.

The closing date for feedback to be included in the draw is Sunday 28th February 23:59 GMT.

Survey is now closed

In Meeting Protocol

  • We will be running a waiting room for added security so please log into the meeting 10-15 minutes before the meeting is due to start. When logging into the meeting, please use your FULL NAME. We will not allow anyone into the room with a singular name or abbreviations of their name.
  • If you’d like to ask a question or make a point, ‘please hold up your hand’ and the moderator will invite you to unmute and ask your question.
  • Should there be any issues entering the meeting, please contact

Meeting Tool

For LINX112 we will be providing an online booking system whereby delegates can arrange peering meetings with one another in a dedicated meeting area. Everyone registered for LINX112 who ‘ opted in’ to the meeting tool will receive email notification with details of how to access the facility.

The tool will be available for the normal two-day duration of a LINX Meeting (Thursday 18th February from 8:00 am GMT until Friday 19th November 23:00 GMT) so take advantage of the 24/7 meeting slots and book a meeting!

If you joined the tool for LINX110, your credentials will stay the same. If you are new to the tool, you will be sent a code to register in a few days.

If you have any questions, please email 

Watch our Meeting Tool How To Guide
LINX112 Meeting Tool


Session Time




Meeting Start

  • Welcome & Introduction by moderator

Richard Petrie


CEO Update

  • Operational and stats update

PDF  |  Video

Kurtis Lindqvist


Consultation on MoU change

  • Member representation

PDF  (Member Access Only)

Malcolm Hutty


LINX Product Update

  • LINX Portal Preview
  • LINX Interconnection product updates including:
  • Larger Frame sizes for PVLAN and Closed User Group
  • PVLAN based products for LINX Manchester and NoVA

PDF  |  Video

Mike Hellers


Africa’s Cloud and Content Evolution

Africa’s cloud and content market is still very young however there has been a huge increase in usage over the last couple of years, especially in 2020.  This talk will focus on key infrastructure initiatives which have occurred to keep many African countries online during 2020 and beyond.

PDF  |  Video

Michele McCann


NaMeX Marketplace: ServiceDB

IXPs have always been informal local points of reference between ISPs looking for services and ISPs (or DCs) that can provide it. is a portal, neutrally managed by IXPs, that gives information about wholesale service available in the Italian DCs. Is it a new possible rule for IXPs? Can it also be a valid model for other countries?

PDF  |  Video

Maurizio Goretti


Breakout session starts

  • NaMeX room (ServiceDB Portal)
  • NAPAfrica room (Africa’s Cloud and Content Evolution)
  • Cloud/Edge room



Public Affairs Update

Malcolm Hutty provides a briefing on several major new pieces of legislation affecting network providers and the Internet industry.

PDF  |  Video

Malcolm Hutty


LINX Technology Update

  • Operational Issues on the Exchanges (Anne Bates)
  • Exchange Platform Projects, EVPN on LON1, LINX Manchester and LINX NoVA (Mo Shivji)
  • Portal Development, Automations, Workflows and Systems Development (Riccardo Verzeni)

PDF  (Anne & Mo)
PDF  (Riccardo)
Video  (Anne, Mo & Riccardo)

Richard Petrie with Anne Bates, Mo Shivji and Riccardo Verzeni


LINX ConneXions Reseller Awards 2021

PDF  |  Video

Hosted by Lynsey Buckingham


LINX112 Social

  • Open chat in main room
  • More breakout rooms for LINX Staff including Technology and Public Affairs


LINX112 Close