The LINX100 member conference will take place at the Park Plaza Victoria, in London on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th February 2018.


Registration for LINX100 is available to members only. If you are not a LINX member and wish to attend please email us at where your request will be considered.

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Meeting Format

The event agenda will be published shortly. The basic overview of the event is as follows:

  • It is a standard day and a half meeting with a special social on the Monday evening to mark the 100th LINX membership meeting
  • Members are encouraged to provide lightning talks on their networks with these often taking place before a refreshment or lunch break
  • Optional first time attendees meet and greet session planned from 11.00 on day one
  • Wireless connectivity and refreshments will be available from late morning
  • A light lunch will be served from 12.00
  • The meeting commences at 13.30 with day one closing at approximately 1830
  • On day two (Tuesday) refreshments will be available from 09.30 in readiness for a 1000 meeting start
  • The even will close on day two at around 16.30


11.00 AM


First time attendees session
This is an opportunity for first time attendees to meet with key LINX staff to learn more about LINX conferences and how delegates can make the most of attending the meeting.


12.00 PM

Registration Opens
Light lunch and refreshments plus free wireless connectivity available

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13:35 PM

Meeting Start

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Review of LINX99 Minutes (Monday)
  • Promotion of the sponsors

Richard Petrie

13:50 PM

John Souter

14:20 PM

Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Telehouse Europe
How does Telehouse, the ‘Best Execution Venue’, help its customers protect against DDoS attacks
As digital transformation continues, the IT landscape continues to evolve. IT departments are tasked with the decision on how and where to deploy IT workloads, whilst maintaining the security of their critical data. Selecting the /Best Execution Venue/ that offers a balance between performance and cost and a flexible and highly connected environment is key. Best Execution Venues like Telehouse must now combine traditional managed, cloud and colocation services with valued added services to help their customer’s protect their networks and maintain the integrity of their data. Telehouse will discuss how it is addressing these challenges through partnerships with service providers such as Verisign, with their DDoS protection and mitigation solution.

Michelle Reid & James Dowell

14:45 PM

LINX Technology (Part 1):

Richard Petrie & Flemming Heino

15:30 PM

30 minute refreshment break

16:00 PM

Systems & Network Training
LINX Accredited Internet Technician (LAIT) training programme update including test questions

Presentation video

Steve Groombridge

16:35 PM

RIPE Policy update
In his regular member conference presentation Nigel Titley will explain progress on RIPE policy

Presentation video

Nigel Titley

16:45 PM

Addressing video piracy on their network and in connection with peering partners
Over the last years increased proliferation of easily accessible, reliable ways of consuming illegal IPTV services together with high costs of broadcasting rights have created an increasingly significant problem for broadcasters. We are describing the novel approach that Sky and Premier League have taken to block streaming services. Effective enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies would solve this problem, so the Internet community is also playing a crucial part in reducing this illegal activity. We explain the consequences Sky has taken in respect of transit contracts and peering requirements.

Robert Kiessling

17:15 PM

Simon Lockhart & Grahame Davies

17:50 PM

LINX Conspicuous Contribution Award Winners
Reflections on 100 LINX member meetings with contributions from previous winners of the LINX Conspicuous Contribution Award

Presentation video

John Souter

18:00 PM

Day 1 round up and end of day one of LINX100

18:05 PM

Pre-LINX100 social drinks

19:00 PM

LINX100 Social Event
The social will be held at the Park Plaza Victoria and is free to attend to all delegates who attend the LINX100 event in person


09:30 AM


Registration Opens


10:00 AM

Welcome & round-the-room introductions


10:05 AM

Meeting Start

  • Housekeeping & agenda bashing
  • Review of LINX99 Minutes (Tuesday)
  • Promotion of the sponsors

Howard Fisher

10:15 AM

Scalable Internet broadcasting using multicast QUIC
BBC R&D has been researching the use of multicast mode for the distribution of linear services over IP networks. Combined with new object-based broadcasting techniques, this offers exciting opportunities to deliver new content experiences to very large audiences.

Presentation video

Richard Bradbury & Lucas Pardue

10:45 AM

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Wave 2 Wave
Automating Network Links
For over twenty years the worlds of IT and Telecommunications have been struggling with a major bottleneck in deploying new services and new connectivity; the requirement for a human to physically patch the connectivity! By delivering a way of automating fibre patching, ROME can remove human errors, integrate into a fully automated network management system, audit and accelerate connectivity and reduce the requirement for truck rolls. Today we will highlight how ROME helps alleviate the bottleneck through robotic automation that is capable of connecting over 500 fibres in a managed & orderly way and will demonstrate a live system connecting and disconnecting fibre cross connects.

Presentation video

Duncan Ellis

11:05 AM

Silver Sponsor Presentation: Iris Networks
A hard look at telemetry, big data and the future of network management
Jacques du Toit, co-founder of Iris Network Systems, explores the world of telemetry, big data and artificial intelligence in this startlingly honest look at what is practically achievable right now. Jacques shares some key lessons learned and challenges overcome in Iris’ journey into this world.

Presentation video

Jacques Du Toit

11:15 AM

30 minute refreshment break

11:45 AM

Mike Hellers & Tim Preston

12:25 PM

Positioning Sky Core network for massive VOD growth
Sky Broadband is at the leading edge in deploying new network implementations and router products to handle huge growth in broadband traffic and subscriber numbers. This presentation describes network growth and evolution through four generations of router technology as subscriber numbers have grown to 6 million and total traffic from 40 Gbit/s to 8000 Gbit/s. It describes the multiple hardware and architectural solutions used, transition process and experience gained.

Presentation video

Tim Rossiter

12:55 PM

Lightning Talks
Member introductions and updates including Liquid Telecom (Mathew Chigwende)

Presentation video

13:00 PM


14:00 PM

Afternoon session starts

Malcolm Holt

14:05 PM

GDPR update
A follow up on the latest GDPR developments from JISC’s Andrew Cormack

Presentation video

Andrew Cormack

14:30 PM

Guest IXP Presentation: JPIX
LINX traditionally welcomes a fellow IXP to its member events to explain how they operate in their local market. On this occasion Takanori Furushio of the Japan Internet Exchange will be speaking to LINX100 delegates

Presentation video

Takanori Furushio

15:10 PM

Public Affairs update
LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm Hutty, will provide his popular run through of the latest developments in the regulatory world in a condensed 45 minute slot

Malcolm Hutty

16:00 PM

End of LINX100
Post-event Refreshments & Close (4:30 PM approx)