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Learn with LINX – The LINX Route Servers for Network Engineers

The LINX route servers – 18th December 2023

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Trainer: Mark Dennis

Webinar abstract: (what’s going to be covered)

The webinar will provide an introduction and overview of the fundamentals of BGP, routers and Route Servers, including architecture, function, features, configuration, monitoring, use cases, best practice and a demonstration using Bird Internet Daemon and Cisco IOS routers.

Who is the target audience: 

The presentation is mainly aimed at an audience interested in and involved in LINX Internet Exchange infrastructure operation and monitoring where they can learn about the environment of BGP and the use of Route Servers for multi-lateral interconnections between BGP Autonomous Systems.

Key learning points: 

Why do we use Route Servers? 

  • BGP Fundamentals
  • Route Server fundamentals and architecture
  • Configuration and operation
  • Filtering and security
  • Monitoring

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