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Autumn 2020

Consultation on provision for Virtual General Meetings, and raising the quorum.

Consultation Autumn 2020

This is a consultation on amending LINX’s Articles of Association so that the Board has the power to designate a General Meeting as a “Virtual General Meeting”. This will allow the company to hold AGMs and EGMs entirely (or almost entirely) by videoconference.

LINX was forced to hold its AGM in May 2020 entirely by videoconference, due to the COVID-19 situation. Because our Articles do not currently make provision for AGMs to be held online, this relied on emergency legislation the government put in place as a temporary measure, legislation that is due to expire in December. The Board considers that it would be prudent to make appropriate provision in the Articles on a permanent basis.

The amendment would also raise the quorum required for a valid meeting to take place from ten members to 25 members. This will strengthen this governance protection for members.

Next Steps

We would like to solicit feedback on the above with the target of presenting this as a formal resolution at a general meeting held later this year (before the temporary legislation expires). The Board will consider amending the proposal taking into account any comments received by Friday 23rd October.

If any LINX member wishes to comment on these changes, please email our Governance team.

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