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As LINX is an organisation run by its members, the members are consulted about any proposed changes to the way LINX is run and its formal governance documents.

Any proposed changes are first raised at a quarterly LINX member conference, but proposals are then summarised here before being brought as a formal resolution to be voted on by the members at a General Meeting of LINX – usually held at the February or November member conferences.

Current Consultations

February 2023: Changes to MoU

This is a membership consultation on a proposed change to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The change concerns clause 1.4 of the MoU, which currently outlines the requirement for all members to purchase a peering service.

The change will allow more networks and companies to become members, therefore increasing the value of LINX membership for all members. By reaching a larger group of networks, LINX value increases for the larger content providers and networks, who will increase their capacity on the exchanges, therefore adding more value for all members.

A member consultation paper sets out the details of these changes and the reasoning behind them.

The member consultation on these changes begins at LINX 118. To be considered by The Board, member comments should be sent to by 27th March 2023.

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