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As LINX is an organisation run by its members, the members are consulted about any proposed changes to the way LINX is run and its formal governance documents.

Any proposed changes are first raised at a quarterly LINX member conference, but proposals are then summarised here before being brought as a formal resolution to be voted on by the members at a General Meeting of LINX – usually held at the February or November member conferences.

Current Consultations

July 2021: Change of LINX subdomain mailing lists


This consultation concerns an amendment to the MoU and an MoU referenced document as follows:

1.     to change all references in the MoU to LINX operated mailing lists so that they refer to the subdomain instead of the main domain

2.     to make the same changes throughout the MoU referenced document, “LAN announcements reference document”.

Full details on the consultation can be found here.



These proposed changes were presented at LINX113 on 25th May 2021.


Next Steps

We would like to solicit feedback on the above with the target of presenting this as a formal resolution at a general meeting to be held at LINX114 in November 2021. The Board will consider amending the proposal taking into account any comments received.

If any LINX member wishes to comment on these changes, please contact the LINX Member Relations team.


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