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LINX114 EGM Notice


Company number: 3137929

NOTICE is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company will be held at The Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London  SW1V 1EQ, and additionally via video conference, at 14:30 GMT on Thursday 11th November 2021 for the following purposes:

  1. Verification of voting rights.
  2. Ordinary Resolutions numbered 1 to 3 below will be proposed and, if thought fit, passed as Ordinary Resolutions of the Company (requiring a simple majority in favour).

In accordance with Clause of the LINX Memorandum of Understanding, the memberships of the following members are suspended:

  • Vispa Limited (ASN 29129)
  • Lyca Digital (ASN 328145)

In the event of no formal vote being called under, these memberships of LINX will be terminated at the end of the EGM.

The meeting itself will be carried out at the above address and additionally via video conference – joining instructions have been circulated separately.

No person other than a LINX Member, in accordance with Article 5 of LINX Articles of Association, shall be entitled to be present or to vote on any question, either personally or by proxy or as proxy for another member at this meeting. Any Member eligible to vote in this manner is also subject to the provisions of Article 16 which states: “16. Where, in the reasonable opinion of the Board, two or more members are deemed to be “connected persons”, or controlled by “connected persons” (as defined in Sections 993 and 994 of the Income Tax Act 2007 or in any legislation amending or replacing it), the connected members shall agree which shall have the right to vote and if they disagree then the member that became a member of the Company first shall, to the exclusion of the member with whom they have become connected, have the right to vote as a member of the Company. Failure of any Member to provide such information as the Board may reasonably require shall entitle the Board to withdraw voting rights in respect of all such connected persons.”

Full details of the voting procedure will be in your voting pack.


signed by the CHAIRMAN

DATED: 20th October 2021

Trinity Court
Trinity Street



All resolutions are proposed by the Board.

  • Note 1: Ordinary Resolutions are subject to 14 days notice. Documents pertaining to Ordinary Resolutions not yet available will be published on or before two weeks prior to the EGM.
  • Note 2: The corporate representative of each LINX Member can register their vote by visiting from 27th October 2021 and quoting the secure voting codes sent to you by email.


RESOLUTION 1 (Ordinary Resolution)
(these notes do not form part of the resolution but are issued for clarity)

Resolution 1 approves changes to the LINX Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and an MoU referenced document, to change LINX subdomain mailing lists, by making the following amendments:

  1. change all references in the MoU to LINX operated mailing lists so that they refer to the subdomain instead of the main domain
  2. make the same changes throughout the MoU referenced document, ‘LAN announcements reference document’.

This has been the subject of a members’ consultation and discussion at LINX113, see

There is also a more detailed explanation and background information on Resolution 1 which can be found at .

THAT Clause 4.5 of the LINX Memorandum of Understanding be replaced by

4.5 You will make sure that at least one member of your staff is subscribed to the following mailing lists:

            4.5.1 The LAN announcement(s) mailing lists, specific to your peering service or services, where the mailing list details can be found in the ‘LAN announcements reference document’;

            4.5.2 mailing list, which is intended to notify relevant and authorised personnel of any changes to this MoU in accordance with Clause 14 “Changes”;

            4.5.3 mailing list, which is intended to carry announcements relating to the administration and corporate matters of LINX.


THAT the referenced mail domain be changed from to, in the MoU referenced document ‘LAN Announcements Reference Document’.


RESOLUTION 2 (Ordinary Resolution)
(these notes do not form part of the resolution but are issued for clarity)

Resolution 2 approves the Board remuneration schedule for 2022: This schedule specifies the remuneration for elected LINX Board members, conforming to Article 58.

THAT the LINX Board remuneration from 1st January 2022 detailed in the document be approved.


RESOLUTION 3 (Ordinary Resolution)
(these notes do not form part of the resolution but are issued for clarity)

Resolution 3 approves the LINX fees schedule from 1st January 2022 detailed in the document The budget is explained further in the document

THAT the LINX Fees Schedule and Services Definition (version 1.0) defining the services to be provided by LINX, together with the fees to be charged to LINX members for these services for the period 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022, as detailed in the document be approved.

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