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Doug Williams

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Doug Williams – Ogi

Hello, I am Doug Williams, the Engineering and Network Operations Director at Ogi. Alongside my professional role and family life, I am actively engaged in home projects, technology tinkering, and looking forward to summer music festivals.

With over 30 years in technology, my career began repairing first-generation mobile phones, evolving into roles that included installing high-end car audio and security systems. At Ericsson, I was at the forefront of mobile data’s emergence, and later, as a technical trainer at Alcatel, I taught engineers globally about everything from TDM to IP, including pioneering work with the UK’s first Alcatel DSLAMs.

My time as a support engineer during the UK’s broadband advent was filled with eye-opening 3am emergency calls, providing invaluable experience. My leadership roles at Alcatel-Lucent were pivotal in transforming operations from product-focused to service and solution led support teams. Changing mindsets to enable end to end support, over the classical ping pong from one support team to another. This approach brought considerable time saving in support contracts with per hour per unit penalties.

Reflecting on my early career in retail and handset division at Ericsson, these experiences forged my relentless customer-centric approach.

As a Senior Operations Manager at Telefonica, O2 UK, an organisation of 140 engineers, I Supported O2 in the transition to a Service Operations Support model, outsourcing first-line support to Ericsson India. This role emphasised the importance of strategic vision in understanding network usage beyond mere technical failures.

Now in year three in Ogi, I proudly lead an engineering team responsible for designing and architecting the active network, managing both our operational NOC and field teams—truly from kitchen to core.



I am a perpetual learner, a tinkerer, a hacker, and a published photographer, diving deep into technology, whether in a YouTube rabbit hole or experimenting with new gadgets for my home automation. Nowadays, my focus at home is on using automation to reduce power consumption, minimise food waste, and manage the home. If they will not turn the light off, I will have it turn itself off.

At work, the ability to do it right first time, provide vision and leadership as part of the technology team at Ogi, I support my team as they embrace making work as much fun as playing in the lab, I support them to  have the freedom to challenge themselves without fear of failure.

Looking ahead, I see the onset of another transformative era in our industry. Recent developments in fixed access connectivity have been large, but the next chapter will focus on environmental considerations alongside the continual pursuit of higher speeds. Imagine network equipment that adjust their operation based on the weather, sporting activities or even traffic conditions. Optimising how we use energy not just lowering general consumption!

In my various roles, I have learned to balance cost, speed, and reliability with a new metric: efficiency. Does it do more now while using less power? As we aim for carbon neutrality, prioritising efficiency is as essential as putting our customers first.

Although new to a board position, my extensive sector experience, passion for technology, and dedication to member-first values make me a strong candidate for the LINX board. I have successfully supported teams in growth, transformation, and success.

If elected, my focus will remain steadfast on enhancing LINX’s ability to support its members’ steer ESG initiatives, ensuring our decisions benefit both our members and the broader internet community. Thank you. Doug

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