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LINX Roll Out Version 2 of IX-API

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) have announced it has implemented and released version 2 of the IX-API.

IX-API is an open-source interface for provisioning interconnection services from different suppliers at multiple Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). It was designed and developed in 2019 by LINX, together with fellow global exchanges, AMS-IX and DE-CIX.

Version 2 of IX-API offers LINX members and partners additional flexibility to manage their own account, including contacts or sub-customer contacts. In addition, they will have the ability to order peering services and other interconnection services on their existing LINX ports. These include point-to-point private VLANs, and multi-point closed user groups.

Richard Petrie, LINX CTO says:

“We are continuing to test our version 2 release with LINX members and partners. The improvements in this release cover back-end systems work, integration, and automation workflows.”

LINX’s software team are also working towards enabling orders for new services such as the LINX Cloud Connect solution over the API.

In conclusion Mr Petrie said:

“We are really pleased with the take up of adopting the IX-API in the industry so far. Our team are already starting to work on our version 3 release, to further improve functionality for the end user.”

Networks can view and adopt the LINX version 2 of IX-API here.

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