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LINX Newsletter (August 2022)


Introducing LINX Nairobi

LINX recently announced a  partnership with Nairobi-based data centre provider IXAfrica Data Centre, to launch a new interconnection hub for Kenya.

The new hub, named LINX Nairobi, will provide the region with future proof interconnection solutions for global networks, with the ability to scale alongside the fast-growing digital landscape in Kenya.

Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Global Engagement for LINX says: “We are very much looking forward to bringing LINX to Kenya, our first physical presence in Africa. LINX Nairobi will be fully supported by our world class engineering team and 24/7 NOC and existing LINX members will also be able to add this new location, once live, using our member portal.”

National and international networks are showing their interest in connecting to LINX Nairobi, which is set to be live later this year. A hub where networks meet and pass traffic and also the perfect location to access low latency routes to and from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Niraj Shah, Director of Sales at IXAfrica says: “Africa is undergoing a digital transformation and seeing a tremendous expansion in cloud applications as more businesses go digital, with the hyperscalers realising this potential.”

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LINX Network News

LINX Adds New London PoP at Iron Mountain Data Centers LON-1

LINX has added a new PoP to their London network with Iron Mountain Data Centers LON-1 facility in Slough, UK.

Networks hosted within the Iron Mountain Data Center’s facility will be able to connect directly into LINX’s LON1 and LON2 interconnection platforms.

The Iron Mountain Data Centers facility in Slough is well equipped for all networks and has a specifically high security clearance system and compliance program including PCI DSS for banking and HIPAA for the healthcare sector. This makes it an ideal location for the growing number of financial and healthcare networks looking for colocation and interconnection services.

The partnership, further expands the companies US connection, as LINX’s US interconnection hub LINX NoVA is located in the Iron Mountain VA-1 data center in Northern Virginia.

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You will be able to learn more about LINX’s network development work at the LINX MIni Meeting on 1st September. See our events section for more details.


LINX Mini Meeting

We are always keen to give our members the opportunity to hear what LINX are doing; so they have the ability to ask questions and give feedback as well as network with others in our community. Therefore, we’d like to invite members to join the LINX Team on Thursday 1st September 2022 for updates on current projects as well as for a networking social.

Agenda Items Confirmed So Far

  • LINX Nairobi Update (Kurtis Lindqvist)
  • Communications Preference Centre – Interactive Session (Jennifer Holmes)
  • LINX Technology inc. Service Maintenance and Slough Site Project Update (Anne Bates & Mark Lloyd)
  • LINX Products inc. Product and Service Overview, LINX Marketplace, LINX Member Portal, and IX-API (Mike Hellers)

We will be hosting the mini-meeting at etc.venues – Chancery Lane (50-52 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1HL) from 2:00pm BST until 4:30pm BST. Attendees are welcome to join us for the social at a space near the meeting location to be announced.

Please note, this meeting will NOT be streamed live on our webcast.


15th European Peering Forum

We’re back!

It’s time for the first in-person European Peering Forum since 2019. We’re heading to Rome in Italy with over 300 peering professionals from all across Europe.

  • LINX Lead Hosts with AMS-IX, DE-CIX and Netnod
  • 12-14 September 2022, Rome, Italy
  • Staff attending: Holly Ruff, Inga Turner, HalilKama, Jennifer Holmes, Mariano Julia, Nurani Nimpuno, Richard Petrie, Bernard Li

EPF15 Registration

Upcoming Events

LINX will be attending many industry events this autumn. Here’s just a selection.

More LINX Events

If you have any questions regarding LINX events, please forward them to and we will be happy to help.

Meet the LINX Team

LINX Round Up


LINX Launch Digital Marketplace Platform

LINX has launched a new online platform where their customers can not only showcase their services but deliver them over the LINX network.

LINX Marketplace provides an interactive space for LINX members and partners to source new services or indeed promote their own, with a free business listing.

LINX Marketplace

Traditionally, LINX members would use their port for their own traffic and services. However, with LINX Marketplace members can expand their product offering to their customers whilst also gaining access to a larger selection of services for themselves, all deliverable with their existing LINX port.

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LINX Membership Survey

LINX 2022 Membership Survey is now OPEN! In a new video LINX CEO Kurtis Lindqvist explains why LINX has a membership survey, why it’s important, and how member feedback is used to help shape LINX strategy.

2022 LINX Member Survey

As an added incentive for completing the survey members have a chance of winning one of two XBOX Series S consoles with controller.

Once collated, the anonymous results of this survey will be analysed and presented at the LINX117 member meeting on the 23rd and 24th November 2022.

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Public Affairs News

UK Parliament closes TikTok account after MPs warn data could be passed to China

The UK Parliament has shut down its TikTok account, only days after launching it, in response to concerns from MPs about the risk of data being passed to the Chinese government by the app’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

Peers and MPs, including Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, and Tom Tugendhat, the recent Conversative leadership contender and chair of the foreign affairs select committee, wrote to the speakers of both House of Parliament to say they were “surprised and disappointed” by the decision to set up an account on the platform and claimed, “data security risks associated with the app are considerable”.

They also said TikTok executives were “unable to reassure MPs that the company could prevent data transfer to ByteDance, should the parent company make a request for it” and that “the prospect of Xi Jinping’s government having access to personal data on our children’s phones ought to be a cause for major concern.”

TikTok described the account’s removal as “disappointing” and offered to “reassure those members of parliament who raised concerns and clarify any inaccuracies about our platform”.

LINX Public Affairs

Industry News Briefing

What You May Have Missed

Payment Processors and the Data Journey

Have you ever wondered what journey consumer banking and payment information takes on its way to ‘approved’ or ‘order confirmed’?

The total number of payments made by consumers last year fell by 13% in comparison to previous years. However, payments made by smart phones and other digital devices increased.

In a blog by LINX Senior Marketing Executive, Lynsey Buckingham, she delves deeper into recent research and highlights the payment processor data journey, and how LINX fits in.

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LINXcast Podcast

The AltNet Market: Demand, Growth and Challenges

As the UK forges to head with gigabit rollout to under-served and rural areas we’ve seen a rise in alternative networks (AltNets). At the recent LINX116 member meeting a panel session took place covering many of the key issues for the sector. It was such an interesting discussion that we’ve decided to do a playback of that panel session. As a preview we caught up with panel moderator, Simon Beevers to find out more about AltNets, his career in telecoms, plus his role on the LINX Programme Committee.

If you have any ideas for a future podcast or would like to join us to discuss a topic, why not reach out to us!

LINXcast Podcast


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