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LINXcast is the podcast of the London Internet Exchange. Hosted by Jez Orbell, episodes feature interviews with renowned industry professionals, discussing telecoms and business-related topics, and much more besides.

LINXcast Host

Jez Orbell has worked in the LINX Marketing team since 2003. His role covers design & branding, copywriting & PR plus the co-organisation of LINX events. He is also editor of the LINX newsletter which is published every month. Jez’s broadcast career includes entertainment and local interest shows on the community radio station Peterborough FM as well as A1 Radio.

“Part of my role has been to conduct, record, and edit video and audio interviews with telecoms industry professionals on behalf of LINX. I have presented features on location at international conferences in the Middle East and Central America, discussed topics such as artificial intelligence, as well as run a series of face-to-face interviews with colleagues on the subject of women in technology. I have also fronted an interview on Zoom on organising events during the COVID-19 lockdown as well as an interactive quiz for the regional Internet exchange, LINX Manchester. I’m excited by the new LINX podcast and I sincerely hope that the membership community will enjoy it too.”

Please email if you are interested in finding out more about LINXcast.

LINX NoVA Network Refresh and Future Strategy

Series 4 Episode 2:

In episode two of series four of LINXcast, we speak with LINX Chief Technical Officer, Richard Petrie, about the exciting developments at LINX’s US interconnection hub, LINX NoVA. Topics covered included:

  • LINX NoVA History and Local Ecosystem
  • Partner Relationships – Data Centres
  • Products and Services – Peering and More
  • LINX NoVA Network Developments and Strategy
  • Member Network Community and Exchange Growth
  • LINX NoVA 100GE Promotion

To watch the video of this interview please visit the LINX YouTube channel.

International Women’s Day – Women in Tech Special

Series 4 Episode 1: In the first full episode of series four of LINXcast, we mark International Women’s Day 2023. This is an ideal opportunity to have a playback of our WomenTechConnect panel from the LINX117 member meeting.

In a session entitled ‘New Opportunities – Learning to say YES!’, the panel was moderated by LINX’s very own Esther Cobbinah. She was joined by:

  • Isabelle Singh, Director of Computing and IT at Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Olena Lutsenko , Director for the Black Sea Region, RETN
  • Michelle Opiyo, Network Delivery Manager at Meta

Also on the panel was Anne Bates, LINX’s Head of Exchange Platforms, who has done an amazing job in bringing in students to work at LINX and gain valuable tech experience.

Season Finale: LINX117 Keynote Speech with Olympian Chris Cook

Series 3 Episode 10: This is special end-of-season episode of LINXcast features LINX117 keynote speaker, Chris Cook, a former double Olympian, and double Commonwealth Games swimming champion. His presentation, sponsored by MainStreaming, was called “Two Lengths – the Power of Keeping Things Simple”. We explore his introduction to swimming, questions from delegates on his motivation and the process of high performance, as well as how his learnings can be translated into the business world.

You can watch the video for this podcast on the LINX YouTube channel.

QTS Data Centers and the Importance of Internet Exchanges

Series 3 Episode 9: Business relationships are massively important in the telecommunications industry, especially so for LINX and its data center partners. They play a key role in ensuring that LINX’s 900+ membership base stays connected across its multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) in the UK, and abroad. In this episode LINXcast host Jez Orbell speaks with Sandy McMurty, Vice President – Connectivity Business Development at QTS Data Centers. It was a great discussion where Sandy talks about his career to date, the history of QTS, and the Northern Virginia region as a communications gateway. Also discussed were current trends in connectivity, the importance of peering and IXPs like LINX for data centers, and what’s next for Internet infrastructure. How important will collaboration be within our industry to ensure we stay ahead of the curve?

LINX Roundup inc new African IXP, LINX Nairobi, in Kenya

Series 3 Episode 8: In what has been a very busy period for telecoms, LINXcast host Jez Orbell rounds up all the latest news from LINX. We cover the launch of LINX Nairobi, LINX’s first physical footprint in Africa, network expansion of the London network, plus the new LINX Marketplace sales platform. The events section has details of the African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) 2022 in Rwanda, the LINX Mini Meeting in London, and the 15th European Peering Form (EPF15) in Rome. Finally, have you ever wondered what journey consumer banking and payment information takes on its way to ‘approved’ or ‘order confirmed’ status? Well, we have the answers in our Payment Processors and the Data Journey feature.

The AltNet Market: Demand, Growth and Challenges

Series 3 Episode 7: As the UK forges to head with gigabit rollout to under-served and rural areas we’ve seen a rise in alternative networks (AltNets). At the recent LINX116 member meeting a panel session took place covering many of the key issues for the sector. It was such an interesting discussion that we’ve decided to do a playback of that panel session. As a preview we caught up with panel moderator, Simon Beevers to find out more about AltNets, his career in telecoms, plus his role on the LINX Programme Committee.

Networking for FinTech and Enterprise – Pulling it all Together

Series 3 Episode 6: In the final of three LINXcast episodes released for UK FinTech Week 2022, LINX’s Senior Peering Advisor, Halil Kama, discusses issues such as resilience and security, and how peering with an Internet exchange like LINX can help FinTech and Enterprise businesses keep control of their data.

LINX Cloud Connect – Keeping Control of your Data

Series 3 Episode 5: In the second of three LINXcast episodes released for UK FinTech Week 2022, LINX’s Senior Peering Advisor, Halil Kama, walks us through the London Internet Exchange solution for cloud, which is called LINX Cloud Connect. If you require further information after hearing this episode, please visit our LINX Cloud Connect page.

Cloud Computing for the FinTech Market

Series 3 Episode 4: In the first of three LINXcast episodes released for UK FinTech Week 2022, LINX’s Senior Peering Advisor, Halil Kama analyses the Cloud Computing market for the FinTech and Enterprise networks. The overall discussion covered how the cloud market is developing, issues such as resilience and security, and how peering with an Internet exchange like LINX can help businesses keep control of their data.

Face-to-face Networking…at last!

Series 3 Episode 3: For this episode of LINXcast we speak with Inga Turner of the LINX Business Development team, who has attended her first industry conferences in over two years. What was her experience of meeting people again face-to-face, what was the travel experience like, and what precautions were put in place by organisers? Did she notice any differences in the way people interacted and what tips does she have for people thinking about attending industry events again?

How an Internet Exchange Point Operates

Series 3 Episode 2: On the IXP database there are 737 different Internet exchange points listed globally but how much do you know about them? This podcast will go some way to explain how a multi-site exchange like LINX operates and runs its network. We cover IXP strategy, network developments, products and services, plus Internet regulation

Tech Study and Careers for Girls

Series 3 Episode 1: In the first full episode of series three of LINXcast we‘ll be asking why there aren’t more females in the UK choosing to study computing and technology. What can be done to encourage more young people to consider careers in our industry? To help find out more we have an interview with two computer science students, Silvia Gelina and Hamnah Rassen, who LINX invited in on work experience. They will be joined by LINX’s Anne Bates, Head of Exchange Platforms who will tell us about the development program being run by LINX.

LINXcast Series 3 Trailer and LINX115 Preview

Series 3 Trailer: This is a special preview edition for series three of the London Internet Exchange podcast, LINXcast. To kick off we look ahead to the LINX115 member meeting which takes place on 22nd February at 2:00pm GMT. As a flavour to the style of the event program, we hear from LINX Director of Legal & Policy, Malcolm Hutty. He talks about the Telecoms Security Bill, the draft Online Harms Bill, Digital Services Regulation, and more.

LINXcast New Year Bonus Edition

Series 2 Episode 14: This is a special bonus episode of LINXcast, which includes a round-up of the end-of-year stats from the London Internet Exchange. Host, Jez Orbell, also provides some personal reflections as we head into 2022.

Season Finale: 400GE Connectivity and 2021 in Review

Series 2 Episode 13: This is a special end-of-season episode of LINXcast includes a feature on the recently launched 400GE port service launched in association with Nokia. LINX’s Richard Petrie and Mariano Juliá, provide their overview of the project. Also covered are the results and analysis from the LINX membership survey by our CEO, Kurtis Lindqvist. Finally, we had a quick-fire review of highlights from LINX’s year.

Content Access: capacity planning, traffic delivery, and more

Series 2 Episode 12: This episode of LINXcast is a panel session on content access. Moderated by Simon Beevers of the LINX Programme Committee, the panel features Ronan Mullally (Akamai Technologies), Ben Nicklin (Limelight Networks) and Tom Rigg (Broadband for the Rural North – B4RN). Among the questions covered were capacity planning: how do you manage it? Do service providers have the “tools” and processes to influence how traffic is delivered?, and what methods are content networks using to decide where and how to deliver traffic?

The Decade of Full Fibre Broadband – Richard Tang, Zen Internet

Series 2 Episode 11: This episode of LINXcast features Richard Tang, Founder & Chairman of Zen Internet, talking about the development and future of full fibre broadband. Richard reflects on his experience of the last 25 years and gives his views on past lessons that will help us plan for the 2020s decade, as well as things we can expect that will be completely new. Richard’s presentations are always thought-provoking and insightful, particularly on artificial intelligence (AI). These can be viewed on the LINX YouTube Channel.

Launch of New LINX Member Portal

Series 2 Episode 10: This episode of LINXcast previews the launch of the new LINX membership portal. Our guests were Mike Hellers (LINX Product Development Manager), Riccardo Verzeni (LINX Software Engineering Manager), and Katrina Smith (LINX Membership Manager). Among the topics covered were an overview of what the portal is and why is it important, the development process, the technical framework, security and authentication, features, plus the next steps in the development of the portal.

New London Internet Exchange Pricing Model

Series 2 Episode 9: This episode of LINXcast focuses on the new LINX pricing model set to be introduced in 2022. LINX CEO, Kurtis Lindqvist, explains that the aim has been to create a smoother and affordable capacity upgrade path for members across the various usage levels and services LINX provides.

Cloud Computing for Business, FinTech and Enterprise

Series 2 Episode 8: This episode of LINXcast focuses on the topic of cloud computing and its role in the FinTech and Enterprise sectors. Our guest is LINX Senior Peering Advisor, Halil Kama. The discussion covered how the cloud market is developing, issues such as resilience and security, and how peering with an Internet exchange like LINX can help businesses keep control of their data.

20 Years of the European Internet Exchange Association

Series 2 Episode 7: This special episode of LINXcast marks the 20th anniversary of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX). This fascinating roundtable discussion features Kurtis Lindqvist, John Souter, Bijal Sanghani, and Nurani Nimpuno. Among the topics covered were the catalysts in establishing Euro-IX, the long-term goals, its greatest achievements, and what would’ve happened if Euro-IX hadn’t been established at all.

Women Tech Connect

Series 2 Episode 6: This episode of LINXcast marks International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) on the 23rd June 2021. Earlier this year, LINX and Workonline hosted an event entitled ‘Carer or Career’ with AfPIF as part of their Virtual Peering Series for Africa. Keynoted by Josephine Nyiranzeyimana, Government Chief Information Officer at the Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), the event attracted an interesting response from those attending.

LINX Telecoms and Interconnection News

Series 2 Episode 5: This episode is a digest of LINX news stories from the Spring of 2021. These include the LINX AGM and Board Election, LINX’s Closed User Group and Private VLAN services, and the upgrade of the core ISL capacity at the Telehouse North and West locations on the LON1 London network. We also look at industry events and how LINX can help financial services networks keep control of their data.

Spotlight on Regional Peering and Telecoms Strategy

Series 2 Episode 4: This episode features highlights from LINX’s recent Spotlight on LINX Scotland and LINX Wales events plus the LINX Manchester regional meeting. Our guests included James King of Scottish Futures Trust & Host In Scotland, Richard Sewell and Michael Groves of the Welsh Government who covered Wales’ Digital Connectivity, plus Richard Francis of Network Rail. Richard provided an overview of how Network Rail is providing access to its telecommunication assets for external partners enabling them to support the delivery of Gigabit connectivity across the UK.

How life, including COVID-19 vaccines, is digital

Series 2 Episode 3: In this episode we replay our LINX Distinguished Industry Speaker presentation with Bert Hubert, entitled ‘How life, including COVID-19 vaccines, is digital‘. Bert explains the fundamentally digital nature of life, and how even the new mRNA vaccines pack a 1 kilobyte/15 petabyte punch of life-saving information.

African networks, connectivity and remote peering

Series 2 Episode 2: In this episode we speak to Nic Blamire, Head of Sales Middle East & Africa at LINX ConneXions Reseller Award winners, Epsilon Telecommunications. Among the topics discussed were the organisation’s business structure, its strategy in Africa, remote peering, the importance of partnerships, plus Epsilon’s plans for the future.

Internet Regulation and LINX News Round Up

Series 2 Episode 1: Your host, Jez Orbell, introduces a bumper, two-part episode, featuring LINX Head of Public Affairs Malcolm Hutty. He will be covering the implications of the Telecoms Security Bill in the UK and the Digital Services Regulation in the EU. There will be a round-up of the latest developments from the London Internet Exchange including exchange growth (Kurtis Lindqvist), product development (Mike Hellers), and engineering projects (Mo Shivji). We also feature the inaugural LINX ConneXions reseller Awards presented by Lynsey Buckingham.

Series One Finale / LINXcast speaks with Jay Flynn MBE

Series 1 Episode 7: We look back at the topics covered and the telecoms industry speakers who have been part of the show during the first series. As a bonus we have an interview with Jay Flynn MBE of Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz fame, who shot to fame during Lockdown 2020.

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