Peering for Finance Networks

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) are noticing a considerable increase in interest in joining their membership community from new industry sectors including finance, banking and trading. Since 2015, new members joining LINX from primarily financial organisations has trebled. One reason is that these organisations are reassessing how their networks function, where they are hosted and how they manage the rapid growth in traffic.

Where to Meet the Team

The LINX team are out and about at events this year targeting enterprise and financial networks. Meet with us here to discuss your network options, what financial networks are already peering at LINX and how you can get started.

Money 20/20 Europe
16th - 18th June 2020

Tell Me More

Download our new data sheet with more information for networks in the financial sector, to help them understand the benefits of peering and joining an Internet exchange such as LINX.

The Benefits of Joining an IX

Here from LINX CEO Kurtis Lindqvist on the benefits of joining an IX and peering for networks within the enterprise and finance sector.

“Members from the financial sector like working with us. We are a not-for- profit, membership run organisation, so trust and our community element is important. Another major factor is our resiliency and security element, particularly with our new members from banking, this was a main priority for them.”