Products & Services

Here at LINX our primary service is providing our members with multiple peering opportunities across a redundant and robust network. We also offer a range of additional services that have grown over time, to meet with member demands.

Public peering has been the primary method of exchanging traffic in Europe for over 20 years. Used by both large and small networks to aggregate groups of peers on to an efficient and cost-effective service. This is done by using a shared switching fabric based on layer 2 Ethernet technology.

The LINX PI service offers a unique fast and simple way of establishing a dedicated connection between two LINX members. It provides a simple and cost effective solution for members with significant individual traffic flows to other LINX members.

LINX private VLAN services (pVLAN) are available to members on LON 1. Ports can be configured into pVLANs, for peering, and also to allow direct connection between members.

Both members have to have ports capable of supporting pVLAN, these are known as multi-service ports. Multi-service ports are charged at the same rate as regular ports, and there is a small charge to convert an existing regular port into a multi-service port. There is also a small charge for every pVLAN configuration.

To help members connect to as many of our exchanges as possible LINX are able to provide space within the exchange data centre. Colocation Services reduce the number of suppliers that a member or potential member has to deal with when connecting to an exchange, thus making the connection process easier. All companies experience an increase in cost in dealing with multiple suppliers, so reducing the number of suppliers is a good thing for everybody.

Bi-Directional optical transceivers are available for use at the LINX IXManchester exchange. They enable members to double their network capacity at no extra cost when connecting to the London Internet exchange most members will connect using a fibre pair or cross-connect. One fibre is dedicated to receiving data from network equipment and the other fibre will be dedicated to transmitting data to the network.

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