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Pricing Models and Strategy 2022

As part of the 2022 budget process, the LINX board and staff have carried out a thorough review of LINX pricing models and strategy.

LINX’s aim has been to create a more smooth and affordable capacity upgrade path for our members across the various usage levels and services we offer. Therefore from January 1st 2022, we will be introducing fractional 1Gbps, 2Gbps and 5Gbps peering services over 10GE physical ports, as well as fractional 30Gbps peering services over 100GE physical ports.

Why Make Changes?

In recent times we have started to offer additional interconnect services for our members, such as private VLANs and the LINX Closed User Group services.

We are also preparing to start offering further additional services such as cloud access and a marketplace. All these services are being added to the product portfolio to ensure that we  continue to provide a complete interconnect offering, and offer relevant value to all our members, as the interconnection market evolves.

This means that starting January 1st 2022, we will charge a “port access fee” based on the physical port provisioned, and for peering services an additional “peering service” fee based on the bandwidth of peering services provisioned on the physical port. If additional services such as LINX Private VLAN or cloud access are provisioned on the same port, these will be charged in addition, according to that service’s fee.

The introduction of separate port access and service fees also gives us more flexibility in pricing each of these services to ensure we can deliver value across the various capacity sizes for all members.

Hear more from LINX CEO Kurtis Lindqvist on the new pricing model.

How to Feedback

The final 2022 budget and pricing cuts has yet to be finalised and approved by the Board, but will be shared with the membership on October 19th.

All members will then be able to see what the new products and their pricing looks like and what new opportunities this provides for them to flex, grow or use new services. We would like to emphasise that:

  1. The vast majority of members will pay less than they do today
  2. All members will have more flexibility in their choice of services

For even more detail, LINX members can find the full email from Kurtis Lindqvist on the member mailing list.

Once the new pricing has been shared we will  hold two membership Zoom Q&A session on November 4th to answer any questions on the pricing and new services and how this might affect members.

Look out for details on the membership mailing list for the links to join the Zoom Q&A nearer the time.



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