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LINX Manchester

Whether you want to connect to partners, suppliers or customers in the north of England, or use Manchester as a digital base to send traffic around the whole of the UK, LINX Manchester can help.

LINX Manchester

Interconnect at the UK’s digital and media hub

Manchester is one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital and media hubs, and home to some of the country’s most successful home-grown unicorns. With LINX Manchester, you can join them and interconnect directly at the UK’s top digital city.

Join a fast-growing network of members, and keep your traffic centralised and ready to move across the whole of the UK quickly, safely and cost effectively.

  • Over 150 networks, active and peering
  • Over 300Gbps of network traffic
  • A hive for media, content and enterprise


Joining LINX Manchester

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    An important element of global Internet traffic is called ‘peering’, which is usually the settlement-free exchange of traffic between individual service and content providers. LINX was established to facilitate peering, and has done so very successfully for over 25 years. A key element of this is our mutuality – LINX is owned by the entities that it serves.

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