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LINX Nairobi

Be part of one of the fastest growing, global digital ecosystems

Your Interconnection Hub for East Africa


We are excited for our first footprint in Africa. A choice of future proof interconnect solutions with a platform that can scale and grow with the regions digital demand.

Connect your network to LINX Nairobi – the Internet Exchange Point for Kenya and be part of one of the fastest growing digital ecosystems in the World.

  • LINX Nairobi is a stand alone interconnection hub – NOT connected back to LINX in London or any other LINX exchange in order to keep local traffic, local
  • Networks located at our partner data centres are just a free cross connect away from joining LINX Nairobi
  • LINX is a membership organisation and $130 per month membership fee includes a 10G port with 1Gbps of peering service at all of the LINX global hubs; UK, US and LINX Nairobi
  • Peer with any network at LINX Nairobi, regardless of which data centre they are colocated


Who’s Connected So Far?

Networks can connect to LINX Nairobi from these locations in Nairobi; iColo, Africa Data Centres and IXAfrica:

What can LINX bring to Kenya?

  • Nearly 30 years of industry experience
  • Global membership community of over 950 networks
  • World class engineering
  • 24/7 NOC
  • Strong partner relations
  • Transparent, trusted
  • Open to all networks looking to peer

IXAfrica is a new data centre facility in Nairobi, specifically designed to cater for hyperscalers and deliver hyper-cloud services. The largest data hub in East Africa, making it the ideal location to serve the growth and demand predicted in the telecoms sector.

Networks connecting to LINX Nairobi from the new IXAfrica data centre will have their IX peering fees covered for the first 3 years from launch*

*This includes LINX membership fees (for those networks who are not already members), port access and peering service fees, and cross connect fees. The offer is applicable for any size service and is for the first cross connect only.

Normal charges will resume after three years.

For example; All peering services on LINX Nairobi will be free of charge for networks connecting from IXAfrica until 8th November 2026.

Existing LINX members can log into the member portal and add LINX Nairobi as a new location.

New to LINX? Apply to join us here and select LINX Nairobi as your preferred location or complete the enquiry form for more assistance.

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