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LINX IXP Partners

LINX works with other mutual not for profit Internet exchange points (IXP) to facilitate peering globally. We consider these partners to be ConneXions Strategic Partners. These types of partners are typically also a remote access point and reseller and can connect to LINX using an existing ConneXions Reseller Partner or through a dedicated connection. The IXP does not have to peer any traffic of their own and connect members using vLAN technology.

Meet Our IXP Partners


Namex is a neutral, not for profit, Internet exchange and interconnection point among national and foreign Internet Service Providers and network operators.

There is a dedicated fibre route from Namex to LINX in London offering Namex’s member networks a quick and resilience solution when they want to start peering in the UK. London has the most unique ASNs in Europe and many networks benefit from these key relationships.

LINX members can connect from any of their three datacenters locations in Rome: Caesar, hosted by CINECA, in the heart of Rome, their historical datacenter; Tiberius, hosted by Interxion and on the eastern side of the city; Augustus, hosted by Unidata, on the western side of the city.​

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Since JPIX was established in July 1997 as the first commercial IX in Japan, they have provided IX service from a neutral standpoint. They currently offer IX port service in Nagoya and Osaka, in addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area, customers in other regions can peer locally without having to longer to arrange for a circuit from their premises to Tokyo as in the past.

There is a dedicated fibre route from JPIX to LINX in London meaning networks from either of the exchanges can connect to the other IXP with ease and resilience.

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Connect to LINX from a Global IXP

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26th August 2021

New LINX and TELEHOUSE NYIIX US Interconnection Service Goes Live

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TELEHOUSE NYIIX and the London Internet Exchange (LINX) proudly announce that their new joint U.S. interconnection service is now...

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International Women in Engineering Day

By Lynsey Buckingham

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