LINX Newsletter (February 2021)

Extensive Technical and Regulatory Agenda Planned for LINX112 Virtual Meeting

The first LINX member meeting of 2021 will take place on Thursday 18th February. It will again be a virtual event with a packed agenda for attendees.

In an expanded LINX Technology update there will be three speakers covering the following topics:

  • Operational Issues on the Exchanges (Anne Bates)
  • Exchange Platform Projects, EVPN on LON1, LINX Manchester and LINX NoVA (Mo Shivji)
  • Portal Development, Automations, Workflows and Systems Development (Riccardo Verzeni)

The LINX Product Update from Mike Hellers will include a preview of the new LINX member portal, larger frame sizes for PVLAN and Closed User Group plus PVLAN based products for LINX Manchester and LINX NoVA.

LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm Hutty, will present his usual regulatory briefing covering several major new pieces of legislation affecting network providers and the Internet industry. He will also introduce a consultation on a MoU change on member representation at constitutional meetings.

We will also welcome Michele McCann, Head of Interconnection and Peering at NAPAfrica Internet eXchange and Teraco Data Environments. Her talk is entitled Africa’s Cloud and Content Evolution which will focus on key infrastructure initiatives which have occurred to keep many African countries online during 2020 and beyond.

The LINX112 programme will additionally feature breakout rooms where delegates can discuss the issues covered during the meeting.

To register for LINX112 please visit the event page via the link button below.

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LINX Network News

LINX Go LIVE at Iron Mountain Data Center

It was announced back in November that LINX was to install a switch into the VA-1 Iron Mountain Data Center facility in Northern Virginia, making the facility a full interconnection location for their LINX NoVA regional Internet exchange point. This site has now gone live.

Located in three data centers, the exchange recently hit a new maximum traffic peak of 79.29 Gbps and continues its growth with further expansion plans in the pipeline.

Iron Mountain’s existing customer base in the VA-1 facility are now just a cross connect away from LINX and the benefits that come with peering, including low latency and increased network resilience and control. In addition, networks based in any of Iron Mountain’s catalogue of data center’s across North America from Phoenix to Kansas to Boston will all now be able to reach LINX and start peering.

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LINX Presents…

We are now well into 2021 and the LINX Presents online discussion and training webinar programme continues apace. The next two events lined up in February are…


The Power of Community Networks (Jane Coffin)
Thursday 11th February, 12:00pm GMT
Jane Coffin is responsible for the Internet Society’s Internet Growth project teams. The Internet Growth project teams are focused on Community Networks, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) & interconnection, peering, and community development, and a new critical project on measuring the health of the Internet. Her work also focuses on access and development strategy, where she and other ISOC colleagues and partners focus on coordination of collaborative strategies for expanding Internet infrastructure, access, and related capacities in emerging economies with partners.

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RouteViews BGP Monitoring Infrastructure: New Features and Tools
Monday 22nd February, 09:00am GMT
Over the past few years, RouteViews engineers have been working hard to bring some new features to their BGP monitoring platforms. Join David Teach (RouteViews), Steven G. Huter (NSRC), Philip Smith (NSRC) and Moyaze Shivji (LINX) for a 45 minutes demo and presentation of those new features. Topics include: CLI tips and tricks, RPKI, and real-time access to BGP streaming telemetry.

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The Distinguished Industry Speaker Series… The Playbacks!

If you were unable to attend LINX’s recent Distinguished Industry Speaker webinars, including Bert Hubert’s talk How life, including COVID-19 vaccines, is digital, and Nathalie Trenaman’s presentation RPKI – securing the Internet, one hop at a time, they are now available to watch again on our YouTube channel. Why not take a look!

If you have missed any of LINX’s live events or training sessions we make them available to watch again in our Learn with LINX section and LINX YouTube Channel.

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LINX Round Up

LINX Member & Partner News

New Testimonials from LINX Members and Partners

We always like to hear from our community especially when they tell us how connection has benefitted their business. Here are a few recent examples from our friends at ITGate, GÉANT, MTN Group and VeloxServ Communications.

If you are LINX member or partner and are interested in sharing your experiences of being part of our community through a testimonial or case study please let us know. Please contact LINX Marketing with your ideas.

Industry News Briefing

If you are a LINX member and would be interested being featured in a future edition of the LINX newsletter please email us at

International police severely disrupt EMOTET malware

A collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies in several different countries has severely disrupted EMOTET, one of the world’s most significant botnets, by seizing control of its infrastructure.

Authorities in the UK, US, France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Lithuania and Ukraine were then able to redirect the infected machines of victims towards this law-enforcement controlled infrastructure in what Europol described as “a unique and new approach to effectively disrupt the activities of the facilitators of cybercrime.”

First discovered in 2014, EMOTET malware was delivered to victim’s computers via infected email attachments. Once installed, the malware was then offered to other cybercriminals to install other types of malware, such as banking Trojans or ransomware, onto a victim’s computer. This type of attack, known as a ‘loader’ operation, had made EMOTET one of the biggest players in the cybercrime world according to Europol.

What you may have missed

Dates for LINX Member Events Announced for 2021

LINX hasn’t held an in-person member meeting since LINX108 in February 2020. We are continuing to monitor the pandemic situation to ensure we can host these vital face-to-face discussions at the earliest possible opportunity.

While LINX112 and the LINX113 event, which will include the annual general meeting and Board elections, will again be virtual gatherings, we are planning to meet again at the Park Plaza in London for a two day event on the 10th and 11th November. More details when we have them.

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