LINX Newsletter (July 2020)

LINX Incentive Scheme extended until the end of August

By Jennifer Holmes, LINX Chief Commercial Officer

Our 2020 promotion has blown us away with it’s popularity. The year got off to a great start with many members choosing to upgrade their connections via the promotion, but when COVID-19 hit in March, we really saw the impact through many more upgrades from lots of members who were able to take advantage of the promotion which was already in place.

We’re really pleased that we have been able to offer this incentive to our membership this year, and were happy to extend the promotion, which was supposed to come to an end at the end of June, by a further two months. This will assist those networks who may have been unable to take advantage of the offer due to restrictions or extra work commitments caused by COVID-19.

The programme is available on all LINX LANs (excluding JEDIX). For full terms and conditions for the incentive scheme please visit the LINX website.

LINX Incentive Scheme

Membership Update

June was another busy month for team LINX with 11 new member applications from the UK, Romania, Australia, Denmark, US, China and Vietnam. These applications were a mix of 1G, 10G and 100G ports and they were looking to peer on LON1 and LON2 LANs in London and also at LINX Manchester.

Thanks to our ConneXions reseller partners BICSHydra Communications Limited and FidoNet Registration Services Ltd who all assisted in connecting a number of these networks to a LINX PoP in the last month.

Industry News Briefing

Celebrating 30 Years of Telehouse

When LINX was established in 1994 its first site was at Telehouse in the Docklands area of East London. By this time its new data centre partner had been operation for four years and is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Telehouse have also produced a special anniversary eBook which includes a number of contributions from LINX CEO Kurtis Lindqvist. It’s well worth a look.

Further Information

If you are a LINX member and would be interested being featured in a future edition of the LINX newsletter please email us at

LINX Partner News

LINX ConneXions reseller partner NetIX improves its US East Coast connectivity

NetIX, a leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering services has further improved its global footprint by investing in its Equinix Ashburn PoP. NetIX has a strong network footprint across Europe and members can access any of the 66 on-net European locations through a single cross connect. Due to demand this is being replicated and rolled out across the U.S. with popular locations like Ashburn being upgraded.

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Events – Meet with LINX (Virtually)

Registration open for two new training webinars: Video over IP Networks and IPv6

LINX are proud to work with our training partner Systems & Network Training on a number of online webinars designed to share knowledge with the wider Internet Community.

We have two further free webinars planned for July and we would be delighted if you could join us.

LINX Presents: Video over IP Networks
10:00 BST Thursday 16th July

This webinar will cover RTP, Video and compression, MPEG streams plus OTT and ABR.

Video over IP Networks Training Registration

LINX Presents: IPv6 Training session
10:00 BST Friday 31st July

This webinar will cover the Origins and Motivation for IPv6, Comparison with IPv4 – What’s changed?, IPv6 Address Types and Abbreviations, DS Lite Overview and Configuring a network for IPv6 Operation.

IPv6 Training Registration

If you were unable to make any of our training sessions, don’t worry, as they will be made available to watch back later on the LINX YouTube channel.

Industry Events & Webinars

If you miss any of LINX’s live events we will be making them available to rewatch shortly afterwards in our Learn with LINX section.

Video Tutorials & Webinars

Adapting face-to-face industry events for the virtual world

Recently, the RIPE NCC and LINX held an online discussion with around 50 people to consider the impact that our COVID-19 era “remote only” approach to events has had on the Internet technical community.

The session itself was very interactive, with many relevant and diverse observations and suggestions coming through over the hour. A special thanks has to go to the speakers who took time to prepare and contribute: Alissa Cooper, Fergal Cunningham, Sandra Hoferichter, Edward McNair, and Adam Peake. The view from five very different Internet community organisations made for a really valuable discussion.

Moderators for the panel were Chris Buckridge, Head of External Relations, RIPE NCC and Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Global Engagement, LINX. They followed up the discussion with a blog that highlighted some of the issues raised. The novelty of the current situation probably means that we don’t yet know how sustainable an all-remote meeting ecosystem will be. Many are logging in to try out new formats, but may not come back, so there are open questions about who will participate, and what form their participation will take.

Let's Go Virtual Blog

LINX Round Up

Increased Network Resilience and Control with LINX in London

LINX ConneXions Reseller Partner Faelix expand UK footprint and connect new member Pinnacom to the exchange. 

Faelix, a hosting and connectivity provider located in Manchester, have been LINX members themselves and resellers at LINX Manchester for a few years now. Following a referral from within the industry, Faelix were recruited to assist Pinnacom in their network transformation. However, Pinnacom were located in London, so this gave Faelix the push they needed to build out their network to the Capital and thus their reseller offering at LINX too.

Pinnacom specialise in connectivity and broadcasting solutions for events and media houses. They often need large amounts of capacity for short periods of time and their customers need to know the Pinnacom network is totally resilient and capable of delivering services to the highest standards. The existing network was present only in a single data centre located in London and it was necessary to create a broader network backbone.

This new relationship with Faelix and LINX is going to be crucial for Pinnacom going forward. They are already reaching out to key networks within the LINX community and setting up new peering arrangements.

Faelix are also looking to increase their resilience in London by making use of LINX’s unique dual LAN set up. To learn more about these plans please read the full story which can be found on the LINX website.

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Gaming: The Part IXPs & Data Centres Play

The gaming industry has seen record increases in recent weeks as more people turn to their entertainment services during the lockdown period. What part does IXPs and data centres play to ensure gaming networks and end users get the best experience possible?

During the past few weeks the industry gaming giants have all reported major increase on user numbers, sales and traffic. Super data from Statista shows that digital games recorded a 52.9% increase in week-on-week sales in March, with more than 2.7 million games downloaded across 50 markets. Moreover, figures revealed that global digital games hit $10bn in March, the highest monthly profit ever.

Gaming networks need high speed connections and low latency, there’s no tolerance for lag here. The location is critical; the less distance the data needs to travel, the better the experience for the gamer. LINX facilitate global interconnection hubs where networks ‘meet’ and ‘peer’ their traffic. The less hops from point to point results in the lowest number of pings.

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What you may have missed

The Growth of LINX Manchester

Joe JeffordIn June LINX Manchester celebrated its 8th anniversary. LINX Network Engineer, Joe Jefford has been tracking the exchange’s development over recent years and has identified some impressive stats. Joe takes up the story. 

Reviewing some older materials during the recent lockdown has allowed us to put the development of the LINX network into context. With the Manchester LAN’s celebrating its 8th birthday it feels like the right time to reflect on just how LINX’s first regional exchange has evolved over the last few years.

LINX Manchester Member and Traffic Numbers

  • 2016: 45 connected members
  • 2020: 100+ connected members including 11 members at 100G

In terms of traffic on the LAN this has seen huge growth of over 280% over the past four years.

  • 2016: Daily peaks of ~25Gbps
  • 2020: Daily peaks of 95Gbps with with an all-time high of 113Gbps

Read Joe’s full blog post via the link below.

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