LINX Newsletter (September 2019)

On the Pulse of Peering at EPF14

The 14th European Peering Forum in Tallinn will again demonstrate how the peering industry collaborates for the greater good of the Internet.

AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, NETNOD and NIX-CZ, will co-host EPF14 in Tallinn, Estonia from the 16th till the 18th of September. The event will welcome up to 300 peering managers and coordinators from networks connected to the host Internet exchanges.

Besides an interesting topical agenda, the three-day event accommodates room for attendees to meet on a one-to-one basis to discuss bilateral peering business opportunities..

LINX CEO John Souter will be fulfilling one of his last duties in the role with a presentation which gives his own personal reflections of how the industry has changed in the last 19 years.

To see the full agenda follow the link below.

Full Agenda

Industry News Briefing

In our Industry News Briefing we highlight a few of the current news stories relating to the LINX membership.

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Oracle and Microsoft bring multi-cloud interconnection to London

More great news for London as a key interconnection hub.

LINX members Oracle and Microsoft bring multi-cloud interconnection to London, the city will be the first hub in Europe. The companies said London’s status as one of the most active Oracle Cloud regions was a key factor in their decision to open up the service in the capital. This will boost customers in UK and Europe by providing improved data and application speeds between the two clouds.

Full Story

Article Source: Techarati

LINX Round Up

WomenTechConnect focuses on change at African Peering Forum in Mauritius

Thanks to everyone who attended our Women Tech Connect lunch at AfPIF in Mauritius recently. This event was co-hosted with ConneXions partner Workonline Communications Pty Ltd. It was fantastic to have a full house, with lots of great input from all those present, both on stage and from around the room.

“It’s heartening to hear the empowerment around the table and in the discussions,” commented Esther Cobbinah from LINX. “In general, the community looks to be taking responsibility for change. If women want to be treated as equals to their male counterparts, then they can’t also expect to have special treatment because they are women.“

Further Information

The panel discussion, chaired by Workonline senior network engineer Michelle Opiyo, featured conversations with Joyce Dogniez, vice-president community development and engagement at ISOC; Esther Cobbinah, network engineer at LINX; Mark Tinka, head of engineering at Seacom; Esther King, ISOC WomenInTech fellow; and Caglar Dabanoglu, senior network architect at Akamai.

Upcoming Events – Meet with LINX

2019 Events

As this edition of the LINX newsletter was published we are still very much in a quieter period for international events. However, as we approach Autumn this will definitely change.

Telecom Ukraine is taking place in early September and is one of the largest telecoms conferences in the region. LINX are proud to be collaborating with our ConneXions partners RETN for the first time. We look forward to meeting lots of new networks as we bring a taste of London to the event welcome party in Odessa.

Here is a list of other events where you can meet with LINX staff:

  • Capacity North America – Denver, United States (4-5 September 2019)
    • Representing LINX at this Event will be Kendra Pignotti
  • Telecom Ukraine – Odesa, Ukraine (6-9 September 2019)
    • Representing LINX will be Halil Kama
  • UKNOF44 – Belfast, Northern Ireland (10 September 2019)
    • Representing LINX will be Inga Turner of the LINX Member Relations team and others TBC
  • 14th European Peering Forum (EPF14) – Tallin, Estonia (16-18 September 2019)
    • Representing LINX will be John Souter, Inga Turner, Holly Ruff, Kurtis Lindqvist and CTO Richard Petrie
  • RIPE79 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    • Representing LINX will be Jennifer Holmes, Inga Turner and others

If you would like to catch up with LINX staff at these events please let us know via the following email


The LINX107 member conference and EGM at the Park Plaza Victoria on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th November 2019. This is a special event as LINX will mark its 25th birthday. Details are still be finalised but please make sure you make a note of these dates as this will be an event not to be missed.

If you are not a LINX member and wish to attend please email us at where your request will be considered.

Event Page

What you may have missed

LINX106 Catch Up: Mark Daley (Epsilon)

“Programmable Telecoms is democratizing telecoms, so many more people can create value and solve problems using telecoms”

At the LINX106 member conference in Cardiff Mark Daley, Director of Digital Strategy & Business Development at Epsilon, gave a talk on the emergence of programmable telecoms. To get a flavour of what was covered in the presentation watch our short interview video with Mark and LINX Marketing’s Jeremy Orbell.

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