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How can I take part in a LINX AGM or EGM?

You can take part in a LINX AGM or EGM by turning up on the day. AGMs and EGMs are usually held in London. Any resolutions will be discussed in advance of the formal meeting. Before each Board election the candidates state their views on LINX and what they will do if elected to the LINX Council, and give members the opportunity to question them at the “hustings” session. Resolutions are voted on during the meeting and the election takes place following the hustings and over the two weeks following the AGM.

If you can’t physically be there you can watch the webcast of the AGM or EGM, which is part of the webcast of the LINX Quarterly Meeting. You can use the IRC channel to ask questions of the candidates, which will be put to them during the hustings. For the election, there will be two weeks for you to cast your vote online after the discussion and the hustings.

But if you can’t attend either in person or online, you can still cast your vote. You will be sent a voting pack approximately three weeks before the AGM or EGM and can simply visit the voting website and cast your company’s vote online – two weeks before the AGM for resolutions and two weeks after for the election of new Board members.

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