Join the LINX ConneXions Partner Programme

Why Become a Partner

The LINX ConneXions Partner Programme is designed to help Network Operators, IT and Managed Service Providers, Data Centres, and other Strategic Partners around the world, add value to their product offerings and scale their businesses through the resale of the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

The newly evolved programme provides our partners with greater access to resources; to help them to market their partnership with LINX, sell LINX ports and membership, integrate LINX services with their own and ultimately, grow their business.

Moving up through the ConneXions Partner Tiers, unlocks new resources with greater levels of support to help our partners develop their working relationship us, whilst achieving new benefits and rewards for their organisation.


ConneXions Reseller

ConneXions Resellers are networks that are regularly connecting new members or expect to be and usually have one or more PoPs where LINX also has a presence. ConneXions Resellers are part of the LINX ConneXions Partner Programme. They have an agreement with LINX and LINX also provides them with a free of charge reseller port at the London Internet Exchange they are reselling. Every ConneXions Reseller needs to have one customer they are able to connect in order to qualify for a free reseller port. This excludes 100GE ports for larger resellers.

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ConneXions Access Points

ConneXions Access Points are data centres where LINX has a PoP and there are a number of either official or unofficial reseller networks, with the capabilities to connect new members to LINX, present within their facility.
Other facilites that can behave as 'access points' may simply have reseller networks within their facilities that can remotely connect new members to other access points where LINX has a presence.

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IXP Resellers

LINX works with other not for profit Internet Exchange Points (IXP) to facilitate peering globally. These types of partners are resellers, and can connect to LINX using an existing ConneXions Reseller partner or through a dedicated connection. The IXP does not have to peer any traffic of their own and connects members using VLAN technology.

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