Connecting to LINX Remotely via Partners

LINX work with a number of industry partners from global carriers, data centres and also other Internet exchanges. Whichever starting point members choose for their application, they all benefit and enjoy the great same membership experience.


A one stop shop for remote peering. Remote peers are provisioned with a vLAN on the ConneXions Partner’s port removing the need for the end member to have a physical presence in a LINX PoP. ConneXions partners control the billing, and technical relationships with the member.

Virtual PoP

A data centre which can provide connections to a LINX Peering LAN. These connections are either provided via a LINX approved Layer-2 carrier (Branded vPoP) or via a resilient DWDM connection (Transmission vPoP). A LINX virtual PoP can be located anywhere in the world where LINX has a member and there’s a potential for more.

 IXP Reseller

This programme allows new member networks to connect to LINX through an alternative local exchange in their region, thus giving them access to the array of benefits and services that LINX has to offer. The connection is made via one of LINX’s existing reseller partners meaning the member has just a single invoice to pay. ‘Working together for the good of the Internet’

LINX from Anywhere

These connections are provided by layer 2 carriers enabling peering at LINX from around the globe. Normally the member pays the carrier for the transport service and LINX for its standard fees though some carriers may bundle LINX fees as well.