What is ConneXions

  • ConneXions allows third parties the opportunity to resell LINX via a dedicated port at any of our exchange points.
  • Networks from around the world are able to utilise their layer 2 network to connect remotely to the exchange.
  • The reselling of VLANs allows channel partners to bring in multiple members across an individual port.
  • Members can connect at 100M, 250M, 500M, 1GE, 10GE port sizes or multiples thereof.
  • A ConneXions channel partner maintains control of the relationship.

For more information about becoming a LINX ConneXions partner please send enquiries to ConneXions

How ConneXions works


  • Channel partner brings customer to LINX on its VLAN
  • Channel partner self-configures the VLAN
  • Member has IPv4 and IPv6 allocation on the VLAN
  • Single MAC address per member VLAN


  • Channel partner provides first line of member support
  • Member must subscribe to LINX mailing lists including ops-announce
  • LINX to provide channel partner support


  • LINX invoice channel partner for all their customer’s LINX services
  • Channel partner has billing relationship with the member