Joining Procedure

To apply for LINX membership and to connect to the exchange, all prospective members are required to follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in and submit the LINX application form. Should you have any questions about this form or need advice prior to joining LINX please contact
    1. LINX staff will acknowledge receipt of the application form to the applicant.
    2. The application will be subjected to a process of due diligence by LINX staff to verify the commercial and technical details provided.
    3. This process may include the use of credit reference agencies and the checking of contact and 24×7 NOC details. If LINX staff consider the application to be incorrectly formed or to have failed the due diligence process, it will be returned to the applicant for clarification and amendment.
  2. Once approved LINX requires two documents and payment before proceeding to connection. You may wish to prepare these in advance to ensure they do not cause delay:
    1. Sign and return the LINX Membership Agreement.
    2. Sign and return the Corporate Representation Form. This assigns voting authorisationto individuals within your company.
    3. Once the application is approved, you must pay fees for installation of any ports ordered. All other services will be invoiced in accordance with LINX MoU Clause 7.2 and 7.3. Payment details will be sent by email to you following application approval.
  3. Upon receipt of payment of the fees for installation of any ports ordered, a signed Membership Agreement and a signed Corporate Representation Form, LINX staff will schedule your connection as follows:
    1. Set up user accounts including access to the LINX member website.
    2. Subscribe the relevant contacts from your company to LINX mailing lists.
    3. Place your allocated port into a quarantine vlanfor testing.
    4. Assist with configuration of your new port’s ipaddresses.
    5. Assist with establishing peering sessions with the LINX collector routers.
    6. Assist with connectionto the LINX route servers if required.
  4. Once your connection to the LINX peering LANs is complete there are some final steps:
    1. You must send a copy of a BGP Summary from your LINX connected router showing your peering with LINX, AS5459, and at least one other LINX member.
    2. Contact those members you wish to make peering arrangements with.
    3. Take the responsibility to vote at LINX meetings on constitutional matters.

You will then receive your LINX induction pack and Membership Certificate, and will recieve a request from the LINX Member Relations team for an induction call at a time which is suitable to you.

Notes for connecting to LINX

  1. You may wish to ask your legal team to review the LINX MoU in advance of application. If there are any questions about the MoU these can be sent to the LINX staff at
  2. Once your application is endorsed, you have three months to achieve working operational peering with LINX route server or collector router and at least one of the existing LINX members.
  3. Applicants ordering circuits terminating at LINX, or making other commitments dependent upon their LINX connection, prior to their membership being formally approved and their fees being paid, do so at their own risk.
  4. Throughout this procedure, “working days” means Mondays to Fridays, excluding those days that are Bank Holidays at the location of LINX’s registered office. The exception to this is the “2 working days” that a member has to respond to a peering request is governed by the working days at the recipients NOC.