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LINX Newsletter (May 2021)


LINX113: Technical Agenda Set for May Member Meeting

LINX113 will take place from 10:00 BST on Tuesday 25th May. This will hopefully be our final online only full member meeting but we still have a lot to cover during the three and a half hour programme. A summary of proceedings are as follows:

LINX Presentations
  • LINX Technology Update: CTO Richard Petrie will give an overview of Technology team projects including portal development, network build-out, capacity plus 400GE, testing and service development. Operational Issues on the Exchanges will be covered by Anne Bates.
  • Finance Update: In this talk LINX’s CFO, Malcolm Holt, will present the Statutory Accounts 2020, Budget Comparison 2020 and the Management Accounts Q1 2021
  • State of the Nation: LINX CEO, Kurtis Lindqvist, will give an overview of exchange activities in the last quarter and a high level outlook for LINX.
  • Product Update: Mike Hellers will provide a summary of the LINX PVLAN and Closed User Group services on LON2, LINX Manchester and LINX NoVA. He will also present a Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) overview
  • Public Affairs Update: LINX Head of Public Affairs, Malcolm Hutty, will be speaking about recent developments of the the Online Harms Bill.


External Presentations
  • RIPE Policy Update (Nigel Titley)
  • Subsea Optics (Beatty Lane-Davis, Cisco)
  • Does The Internet Route Around Damage? (Emile Abden, RIPE NCC)
  • The UIXP: Past, Present, and Future (Kyle Spencer, The Uganda Internet eXchange Point)


LINX113 will also feature the Annual General Meeting and Board elections which are covered in more detail elsewhere in this newsletter.

If you would like to attend this event please register using the LINX member portal or via the link below.

LINX113 Event Page

LINX Annual General Meeting and Board Elections


NOTICE is hereby given that the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held via video conference at 12:00 BST on Tuesday 25th May 2021.

The AGM will include the presentation of the 2020 annual report and 2020 Accounts and financial results and Auditors Report. There will also be a vote on four Ordinary Resolutions plus the 2021 LINX Board Elections.

Corporate representatives of LINX members will receive an official voting pack by email from Civica Election Services. This contains instructions on how to place your company’s vote in the election. You will need the voting codes from the pack to vote in the election.


Confirmed as standing in 2021 LINX Board Election are:

  • Mike Blanche (Google) – re-standing
  • Gunnar Hole (Telenor)
  • Phill Magill (TalkTalk)
  • Alex Bloor (Andrews & Arnold)
  • Andrew Bangs (Simply Transit)
  • Simon Lockhart (Bogons)


Voting commenced on 10th May 2021 and will remain open until Tuesday 25th May 2021, the day of the AGM itself. For further information and to view the candidate statements and videos please follow the link below.

2021 LINX Board Election


LINX Presents…

With many restrictions still in place for industry events we are still meeting up virtually but there does at last seem to be light at the end of the tunnel for in-person events. We are now making plans to gather again at the Park Plaza Victoria in London for LINX114 on the 10th and 11th of November. Until then, please look out for updates on our events programme on the LINX website.

Thursday 10th June, 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
The Benefits of regional interconnection in North America. Join LINX and our guest speakers, including data centre partners Iron Mountain and QTS, for an informative session about the LINX NoVA regional exchange in the US.



If you have missed any of LINX’s live events or training sessions we make them available to watch again in our Learn with LINX section and LINX YouTube Channel.

Video Tutorials & Webinars

LINX Virtual Events… The Playbacks!

Spotlight on LINX Wales

If you were unable to attend our recent Spotlight on LINX Wales virtual event it is now available to watch again on our YouTube channel. Introduced by LINX’s Stephen Heron and Terry Carr, the programme covered the following:

  • Joining Up – Wales’ Digital Connectivity (Michael Groves & Richard Sewell, Welsh Government)
  • Introducing Vantage UK, the best kept secret in the Data Centre industry (David Sandars, UK Data Centre Expert)
  • Digital Infrastructure for Wales (Justin Leese, CTOO Spectrum)



If you have missed any of LINX’s live events or training sessions we make them available to watch again in our Learn with LINX section and LINX YouTube Channel.

LINX Round Up

LINX Receives Financial Services Supplier Accreditation

LINX are pleased to announce they are now FSQS certified. The FSQS Registered Mark is valued by some of the largest purchasers in the financial sector and this indicates that LINX has gone through the process required to demonstrate its commitment and credentials to the industry.

LINX has been providing peering and interconnection services for many years, traditionally for a niche audience within the telecoms sector. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and networks exchanging or streaming large quantities of online content make up much of LINX’s membership base. However, in more recent years, their member base is becoming more diverse, with networks from financial services and wider enterprise organisations approaching the IXP to join.


How LINX can help Finance Networks take Control of their Data

Modern financial services need to provide convenient and slick digital experiences to their customers without compromising security, or reliability. Increases in cloud-based services, integrations with technology partners, and bandwidth demands are taking their toll on network infrastructure. To remain relevant, financial institutions need to think differently.

Watch our explainer video to help understand how LINX can help financial services take control of their data and deliver faster, more secure, future-proofed digital services at a lower cost.

Public Affairs News

International Task Force Launches New Framework to Combat Ransomware

The Ransomware Task Force (RTF), a global coalition formed in early 2021 with participants from governments, software firms, cyber security vendors, non-profit and academic institutions, has submitted its final report to the US Government calling for “aggressive and urgent” action against ransomware.

In the 81-page report, the RTF, members of which include Microsoft, Amazon, the FBI, and the UK’s National Crime Agency, makes nearly 50 recommendations. It argues that “more than just money is at stake” and says that “ransomware has become a serious national security threat and public health and safety concern.”

The RTF’s recommendations include:

  • Designate ransomware attacks as a national security threat
  • Require any organisation paying a ransom to publicly report doing so
  • Establish a “response and recovery” fund to help ransomware victims respond to and recover from attacks
  • Require cryptocurrency exchanges to follow the same “know your customer” and anti-money laundering rules as financial institutions, and aggressively target those that do not
  • Exert pressure on nations which are complicit, or refuse to act against domestic ransomware groups
  • Create a standard format for reporting ransomware incidents
  • Establish a ransomware incident response network


For further information of LINX public affairs and regulatory activities please visit the LINX website.

LINX Public Affairs

If you are a LINX member and would be interested being featured in a future edition of the LINX newsletter please email us at

What You May Have Missed

LINXcast: How life, including COVID-19 vaccines, is digital

In this episode of LINXcast, we replay our LINX Distinguished Industry Speaker presentation with Bert Hubert, entitled ‘How life, including COVID-19 vaccines, is digital‘. Bert explains the fundamentally digital nature of life, and how even the new mRNA vaccines pack a 1 kilobyte/15 petabyte punch of life-saving information.

The session was moderated by LINX’s Head of Global Engagement, Nurani Nimpuno, with additional input from medical journalist, Petra Hedbom.

The content of this talk is based on Bert Hubert’s blog post Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine.


To listen to previous shows in the series please visit the LINXcast page on the LINX website.

LINXcast Podcast Page

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