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Route Server Automation

The LINX Software team have designed and built a dedicated automation platform for LINX route servers. LINX route servers provide members direct access to the prefixes of any other member using them, sparing them the need to set up individual BGP sessions.

Historically the configuration of each route server was created with the assistance of scripts, manually edited and triggered by network engineers. The route server automation platform ensures that all the data is now introduced via the network service inventory and regularly flows to each route server via internal API. Each route server then generates a new config, validates and then reloads it. This approach reduces significantly human error, and overall maintenance cost.

Riccardo Verzeni, Software Manager for LINX says;

This quarter we are continuing to improve the overall platform design, leveraging message queues in order to centralise the creation and validation of the configurations, which are then pushed to each route server. This guarantees minimal maintenance of the single route servers and much faster and more reliable deployments of modification of the overall code base.

This was very much a cross-team effort as software worked with the networking team to help improve the system and processes. Going forward, any changes can be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Members, if you have any questions regarding the route servers please contact our NOC at and for more general information head to



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