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Service Fees 2021

LINX Membership Fee All LINX members need to pay a LINX membership fee, as well as a monthly fee for their port dependant on its size / location. The fees for LINX services are defined at the LINX EGM which takes place every November.

LINX Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee: £1200


The basic service taken by our members are the ports to connect to our switches. This allows each member to publicly peer with any other member by mutual agreement.

We offer multiple capacities between 100Mb and 100GigE. We also allow link aggregated 1GE and 10GE ports by arrangement.

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2021 Monthly Port Fees

Please note, we have a new fee schedule from January 1st 2022

Please remember, pricing below is the 2021 fees and this will change from 1st January 2022.

Port SizeLON1 (London)LON2 (London)LINX Manchester
1GE [1]FREE [£197]FREE [£87]FREE [£72]


Port SizeLINX ScotlandLINX WalesLINX NoVA


Each port order or port move has an installation charge.

[1] The first port of this size is at no charge; the indicated price is for second and subsequent ports of this size on the same LINX LAN.


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Additional Service(s) Fees

The LINX PI service offers a unique, fast, and simple way of establishing a dedicated connection between two LINX members. It provides a simple and cost-effective solution for members with significant individual traffic flows to other LINX members. Our PI service is available at the following sites;
  • Telehouse North, North 2, East and West: £2000 per 8 pairs of fibre install, £500 Annual recurring
  • Digital Realty, Sovereign House: £3000 per 6 pairs of fibre install, £500 Annual recurring
Patching between members within the same building (Intrasite connection) can be requested through our NOC. Each patch will be carried out as soon as possible from request and has a £100 install charge. There is the option of an additional £400 one-off fee (£500 total) to expedite any PI patch requests within a 24-hour deadline. This additional fee is to cover LINX’s costs of sending an engineer to the site for an unscheduled visit. To enable private peering between Telehouse North, Telehouse North2, Telehouse East, and Telehouse West, a cross-connect is required between the LINX PI ODF in each site. 1 single-mode fibre pair between buildings:
  • Install: £1000
  • Annual recurring charge: £2400
Note that, as with all LINX services, the LINX PI Service may not be used as part of your backbone and is reserved for traffic between two members.

Colocation allows your business to host your server in a third-party environment and share their bandwidth as your own. Moving your on-premises server into a data centre means that you can leave the time and cost of maintaining its environment to your colocation provider. LINX colocation services are available at the following sites;

  • LON1 and LON2 – Equinix Slough, Digital Realty LON1, LON2 and LON3 sites Hanbury Street and all Telehouse sites
  • LINX Scotland – Pulsant South Gyle
  • LINX Wales – BT Stadium House
  • LINX Manchester – M247
Please email for a quote  

The LINX Cloud Connect services are initially available through connections with some of our partners. We have different options to deliver these services, based on the specific requirements of our members, either through direct ports or through hosted connections across our fabric.

Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect

2023 pricing using Interxion as partner
BandwidthMember fee
  Important: ExpressRoute services need to be delivered as a resilient service (Primary and backup). This is mandated by Microsoft. Meaning the fee will be double off what is shown above, which is for a single VLAN.
Please email for any further details or quotations.

LINX offers reseller services and can connnect networks to Italy, NaMeX, Japan, JPIX and NYIIX in the US. Please email for a quote

Reseller cabling is only available to members who take colocation services from LINX

  • NRC – £850 (1st pair)
  • Subsequent pairs: £200 per pair
  • Each fibre pair has a £250 ARC cost and is subject to a minimum 12 month contract.
  • NRC – £550
  • MRC – £96
  • Fibre only available
  • NRC – £650
  • MRC – £150
  • (MRC for fibres installed before 1st Aug 2022: £125)
M247 (LINX Manchester)
  • NRC – £850
  • MRC – £15
Pulsant (LINX Scotland)
  • NRC - £600
  • MRC - £75
  • Fibre only available
BT Stadium House (LINX Wales)
  • FREE – 1 pair
  • Fibre only available

All Telehouse Locations (London)
£125 per hour (min 30 mins)
£190 per hour
£85 per hour
LINX Wales
£55 per 30 minutes
Pulsant LINX Scotland
£20 per 10 minutes
M247 LINX Manchester
£20 per 15 minutes

The LINX route server and time service facilities are both provided for members free of charge.


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