Notice of Board Election 2020

(“the Company”)
Company number: 3137929


Notice is hereby given that an election will be held on Wednesday 6th May 2020 for three Board members, in accordance with Article 43 of the Company Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Candidates for election must be nominated by a member of the Company duly qualified to be present and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be given to the Company in writing no later than 23:59 BST on 7th April 2020, and must be confirmed in writing by the candidate. [In accordance with Article 3 of the Company’s Articles of Association, “in writing” includes the use of electronic mail.] If more than two candidates are validly nominated, election will be held by Single Transferable Vote.

Two members of the Board are retiring and are eligible to stand for re-election, the third Board member has resigned.

Seb LahtinenNetConnexWill be restanding
Lee HetheringtonFacebookWill be restanding
Simon WoodheadSimwood eSMS LtdResigned

Nominations must be given to the Company in writing on or after 27th March 2020 and no later than 23:59 BST on 7th April 2020.

Members will be notified by email to the LINX membership list as nominations are received. Candidate statements will be published after 7th April 2020.

All members’ corporate representatives will be sent voting packs by email on or shortly after 16th April 2020, and will be able to vote online from 22nd April (for two weeks). Voting packs will contain a full list of candidates, together with full details of how to vote.

Details of what’s involved in being a member of the LINX Board and sending in your nomination can be found at:

A document listing in detail what is expected of a LINX Board member is published at:

Members of the LINX Board undertake to adhere to a code of conduct, and to sign a contract with LINX. Details of these documents can be found at: and