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LINX LON2: Your Low-Cost, Redundant and Resilient Interconnection Choice for London

LINX LON2: Your Low-Cost, Redundant and Resilient Interconnection Choice for London

The LINX LON2 network platform is one of the UK’s best kept interconnection secrets. It has been an integral part of LINX’s network in the capital for many years, and a key component of the exchange’s redundant dual LAN infrastructure, along with LON1.

For networks looking for an interconnection hub in London, there is a clear choice between the LINX LON1 and LON2 platforms. Both offer incredible flexibility and access to LINX’s extensive range of networking products in addition to peering, such as its extensive Cloud services portfolio.

Many LINX members choose to connect to both LON1 and LON2, because they understand that by doing so it offers them an even more resilient and redundant network set up.

LON2 is built using alternative vendors to LON1 and is a stand-alone platform. This provides the benefits of a sole supplier, but multiple vendor resilience; Juniper Networks on LON1, and Edgecore Networks and IP Infusion on LON2. That’s real peace of mind.

Why Else Should I Connect to LON2?

Whether you are already a LINX member or not, there are a multitude of reasons why connecting LON2 makes sense. Which of the following applies to you?

  • “I’m a LINX member connected on LON1, but not using LON2”
    • Members can join LON2 with a single port at 1GE at no additional cost. You won’t even need to pay cross connect fees if you arealready on the Telehouse Docklands campus.
  • “I’m not a LINX member but I am looking to connect in London”
    • LON2 is an ideal lower cost entry point to connect to LINX which offers many of the same benefits as LON1. It also provides access to the same 17 data centre locations.
  • “I’m connected in London but I’m looking to reach more peers at an affordable cost”
    • LON2 has 337 connected member networks present making it the second largest interconnection platform in the UK.

Networks can access LINX LON2 from multiple locations in the city including Equinix (6 sites), Telehouse (5), Interxion / Digital Realty (3), Colt, Iron Mountain Data Centers, and Virtus Data Centres.

What’s more, using LON2 for Private VLAN and Closed User Groups, makes it a popular choice for members to use for services in addition to peering. Additionally, it provides access to many other services from partners through the LINX Marketplace facility.

Sounds great! So how do I Connect to LON2?

Networks can join LINX and start peering on LON2 from as little £100 a month. This includes your LINX membership fee, and a 10GE port and 1Gbps peering services.

LON2 Network

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