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LINX Newsletter (January 2023)


LINX Partnership with Nokia for LINX Nairobi in Africa

In an interview with LINX Enterprise Architect, Mariano Juliá, we explore LINX’s partnership with Nokia for the soon to be operational Kenyan Internet exchange, LINX Nairobi, in Africa.

Nokia first began working with LINX when integrating 400GE ports onto the LON1 network in London nearly three years ago. Our first question to Mariano was to ask him to explain how this relationship first developed, and what the future plans are.

Mariano said:“We started working with Nokia by looking at ways of bringing higher density of 100GE ports to our routers in LON1. This initiative has resulted in an increase of capacity in our data centres in Slough. Throughout 2022, we have worked with Nokia to bring the technical features required to run an IXP to their family of data centre switches. The 7220 data centre switches from Nokia will be used to power LINX Nairobi.”

Other questions covered in the interview included:

  • How the relationship developed, and what the future plans are
  • Why LINX felt Nokia were the right partner for LINX in Kenya
  • The technical specification for the new exchange
  • Will African networks have access to the same services in LINX Nairobi as LINX’s other exchange platforms?

Follow the link below for the full interview.

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LINX118: Registration Open!

LINX will staging its first member meeting at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th February. It’s our first in-person February meeting since before the pandemic.

Visit our event page for details including how to register.

LINX118 Event Page

Call for Speakers

The agenda for LINX118 is still being developed and it’s not too late to be part of the programme. If you have a technical talk to present to the members we’d love to hear it. Maybe you’ve got a case study of a new innovation to share. All options are open from a two-minute lightning talk to a full 30-minute technical deep dive on a subject to our community.

Please submit your ideas to and we will be delighted to discuss them further.

LINX Network News

LINX Member Portal Self-Service Features

LINX has released a batch of complementary new features on its popular LINX Member Portal.

These changes ensure that LINX members, and ConneXions partners, all have even greater control over the provisioning of services on their ports. Enhancements include instant quotes, port management automation, plus Private VLAN and Closed User Groups ‘Invite a Member’ functionality.

Any queries, please reach out to our Member Relations team at or our 24/7 NOC on the LINX Member Portal.

LINX Member Portal

Vantage Data Centers Expands its Welsh Data Centre Campus

Exciting news for LINX Wales data centre partners Vantage Data Centers and their expansion in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. Its new campus is offering numerous connectivity options with low latency between Wales and London of less than 1.5 millisecond.

Vantage’s Chief Operating Officer for the UK and Europe, Justin Jenkins, said: “We are delighted to welcome customers to our newest data centre in Cardiff. The significant investment Vantage is making in Wales is transforming the area into one of Europe’s leading data centre hubs and a top cloud region in the UK…”

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Reach out to find out more about connecting into LINX Wales, meeting local networks and keeping traffic local by emailing

LINX Wales


Events Round Up

LINX have been out on the road for the first time this year with Jennifer Holmes and Inga Turner meeting up with members and partners at PTC’23 in Hawaii.

It was great to see our vibrant tech community out in force again but there’s much more to come! See our diary below to find out where you can meet us in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Events
  • NANOG87
    • 13th-15th February 2023 – Atlanta, USA
    • Attended by: Inga Turner
  • APRICOT 2023
    • 28th February – 2nd March 2023 – Manila, Philippines
    • Attended by: Inga Turner and Halil Kama
  • Capacity Middle East & Digital Infra Africa
    • 7th-9th March 2023 – Dubai
    • Attended by: Colin Peckham and Halil Kama
  • CloudExpo Europe
    • 8th-9th March 2023 – London
    • Attended by: Justin Staig-Graham, Terry Carr, Steve Heron
  • Capacity LATAM
    • 14th-15th March 2023 – Sao Paolo, Brazil
    • Attended by: Inga Turner

If you have any questions regarding LINX events, please forward them to and we will be happy to help.

Meet the LINX Team

LINX Meeting Dates for LINX119 and LINX120 Confirmed

LINX have announced all the dates for its member meetings for next year. Please add them to your diary.

  • LINX120 inc. EGM
    • Thursday 16th – Friday 17th November 2023
    • Park Plaza Victoria, London

More LINX Events


Learn with LINX…the Playbacks!

LINX has been working alongside its training partner, Systems & Network Training (SNT), for many years to deliver quality programs for the networking community. We also run our own sessions including this one on the Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) with Mike Hellers, Product Development Manager at LINX.

The Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) provides LINX members with a direct connection to any public Microsoft cloud service, including Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or any other Microsoft service accessible via the public Internet.

By routing direct through LINX’s infrastructure, you get a low latency connection, reliable uptime, and advanced security that simply isn’t possible when using public internet connections. You also get an end-to-end service level agreement that covers your peering services, giving you additional peace of mind that your applications are available exactly when you need them.

Benefits of the LINX Microsoft Azure Peering Service:

  • Fully automated ordering process via the LINX portal
  • Connect direct to any public Microsoft cloud service
  • From ordering to peering in five minutes (existing LINX connected networks)
  • Benefit from low latency, reliable uptime, and advanced security
  • Cover your peering services with an end-to-end SLA


If you have missed any of LINX’s live events or training sessions we make as many as possible available to watch again in our Learn with LINX section and LINX YouTube Channel.

Industry News Round Up

Public Affairs News

Public Affairs Update: Telecoms Security Act and Online Safety Bill

LINX Head of Legal & Policy, Malcolm Hutty, provided his assessment on developments of the Telecoms Security Act and Online Safety Bill at LINX117.

These are key legislations for the LINX community so we recommend you watch his report and his follow up at LINX118 in February.

Public Affairs Mission

There are four elements to the Public Affairs Mission:

  • To monitor developments in relative policy areas
  • To inform members
  • To educate decision makers on public policy and others with influence over public policy decisions
  • To persuade policy makers to adopt decisions consistent with our members’ interests

To find out more about the services offered by the Public Affairs team, please visit the LINX website.

LINX Public Affairs

2022 Online Traffic Peaks Analysed by Zen Internet

Data released from Zen Internet reveals that the biggest spike in Internet bandwidth consumption in 2022 was recorded in December, 21% higher than the peak set in 2021.

Other events causing traffic spikes were:

  • Peaky Blinders (27th February)
  • War between Russia and Ukraine (27th April)
  • Glastonbury Festival (26th June)
  • Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power  (2nd September)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II (19th October)
  • Rishi Sunak’s succession to Prime Minister (24th October)
  • COP27 Summit (6th and 7th November)
  • FIFA World Cup (November and December)

More detailed stats can be found via the article link below.

Read More

Industry News Briefing

Here are some more news stories relating to the telecoms industry:

What You May Have Missed

As this newsletter was released we were delighted that LINX had connected its 400th 100GE port. With a further four 400GE ports these stats are subject to change should a member upgrade their connection, but it is still a remarkable number since BT took the very first 100GE port at LINX in 2012.

  • 880 members based in 80 countries
  • 897 member ASNs
  • 5 new applications in 2023 (68 in 2022)
  • 1772 connected member ports
  • 1118 member-facing 10GE ports
  • 400 member-facing 100GE ports
  • 4 member-facing 400GigE ports
  • Over 7.424Tb/sec of peak traffic
  • 53.03Tb of connected capacity

If you like stats like we do, take a look at the latest numbers on the LINX website.

LINX Statistics

Quick Facts

LINXcast Podcast

Season Finale: LINX117 Keynote Speech with Olympian Chris Cook

This is special end-of-season episode of LINXcast features LINX117 keynote speaker, Chris Cook, a former double Olympian, and double Commonwealth Games swimming champion. His presentation, sponsored by MainStreaming, was called “Two Lengths – the Power of Keeping Things Simple”. We explore his introduction to swimming, questions from delegates on his motivation and the process of high performance, as well as how his learnings can be translated into the business world.

You can watch the video for this podcast on the LINX YouTube channel.

If you have any ideas for a future podcast or would like to join us to discuss a topic, why not reach out to us!

LINXcast Podcast


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