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LINX Promotion

Valid from 1st August 2021 to 31st December 2021

Under this promotion LINX is offering members the opportunity to order a qualifying port service for 12 months at the price of just six times the usual monthly port fee, with nothing to pay in the first six months, on the following categories of ports:

  • Upgrades from one or more 1GE ports to one or more 10GE ports.
  • Upgrade from one or more 10GE ports to one or more 100GE ports.
  • Orders for additional 100GE ports, whereby a member already has a live 100GE on any LINX LAN.


Members wanting to take advantage of this promotion can complete their order or upgrade via the portal and look out for the check box to accept the promotion terms and conditions, see below.

Use this Promotion

Terms & Conditions

Start date

If you upgrade a port or order an additional port under this promotion, the start date for the initial 12 month period begins on the earlier of:

  • When your port goes active/live;
  • 30 days as from the date the LINX provisioning team provides the demarcation point information to the member, or in the case of connections within the Telehouse campus, the date that LINX has received the cabling hand-over documentation from Telehouse


Early cancellation

If you cancel a port that was ordered or upgraded as part of this promotion prior to the end of the 12 month minimum term, payment for the remainder of the term will become due in full at the payment-due date for the next billing cycle.

Eligibility and exclusions

  1. To be eligible for this promotion your confirmed port order or upgrade order must be received between 1st August 2021 and 31st December 2021. Orders placed outside this window are not eligible.
  2. This promotion is only available for the categories of port orders and upgrades mentioned above.
  3. This promotion is not available:
    1. To ConneXions members;
    2. To members migrating from a ConneXions port to a direct connection;
    3. In respect of ConneXions Partner Ports
    4. In respect of ports on JEDIX
  4. Please note that to be eligible to participate in this promotion, you must have no outstanding invoices with LINX.
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