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LINX Scotland - The Facts

LINX Scotland was set up to help enhance the UK’s internet infrastructure with the aim of keeping traffic local. The exchange reduces the dependency on London and other major digital conurbations, giving them the benefit of lower local overheads. Faster more reliable digital services provide a fertile environment for SMEs which in turn, contribute to the regional digital economy, stimulating local growth.

LINX Scotland is located at two sites, Pulsant in South Gyle near Edinburgh, and DataVita Fortis in Airdrie, close to Glasgow. The sites are interconnected by two diversely routed links. The peering LAN itself is a VPLS instance which ensures fast failover should one of the links fail. LINX Scotland is not connected back to the LINX exchange in London as our mission is to keep Scottish traffic in Scotland.

Why Peer at LINX Scotland?

• There is a good mix of content providers and access networks present at the exchange
• Availability metrics achieves greater than the coveted 99.999 % reliability
• Resilience is a major feature and this is reflected in our topology and our two route servers
• FREE 1GE port with LINX annual membership

“We are delighted to welcome the establishment of a dedicated Internet Exchange for Scotland. This will allow ISPs to securely pass traffic to each other, enhancing the digital offering both within and outside the country. I also want to recognise the key contribution of LINX, who worked with the industry and Scottish Government to make this happen.”

John Swinney, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance,Employment and Sustainable Growth.

Keeping Traffic Local

LINX Scotland is not connected back to the LINX exchange in London as our mission is to keep traffic local. Read more from LINX member and LINX Scotland Connexions Reseller Partner, Exascale in this case study.

Exascale’s network has been designed with 'keeping traffic local' in-mind so when exchanging traffic in a particular region and they see a peer (not transit) announcing a route locally, regardless if the path is longer, they will hand off the traffic. Instead of back hauling the traffic to another Internet exchange where there may be a shorter path or is preferenced higher.

How to Connect to LINX Scotland

Networks can interconnect at any of the LINX peering LANs directly or via one of our ConneXions Reseller Partners. However new members connect to LINX, they all pay the same annual membership fee and are entitled to all the same great benefits. Meet our data centre and reseller partners for LINX Scotland here;

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