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LINX Wales - The Facts

Originally established in 2015 as IX Cardif, LINX’s 4th regional Internet exchange point was set up with the support of Cardiff City Council and the staff of the Welsh Government. A strong local community of interest is essential for building a successful Internet exchange.

“We want to create a world class digital infrastructure inWales. The creation of an Internet Exchange will have wide ranging benefits to the business community in Cardiff and across south Wales. It will also help to make Wales a more connected nation.”

Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Economy & Transport, Welsh Government

Located in both BT Stadium House, Cardiff and new for 2020, Next Generation Data, Newport. LINX Wales provides the complete solution for keeping traffic local. LINX are able to provide space for members located in the BT Stadium House centre through its Colocation Resales service. This reduces the number of suppliers that a member or potential member has to deal with when connecting to an exchange, thus making the connection process easier and more cost efficient.

Introducing... LINX Wales

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) confirmed in February 2020, expansion plans for their regional Internet exchange in Wales as they build out their network into Next Generation Data’s (NGD) world class data centre near Newport.

Currently located in the BT Stadium House facility, LINX Cardiff, the regional Internet exchange has been rebranded LINX Wales as they welcome NGD and their customer base in Newport to the network.


The team at LINX are excited by the expansion, Jo Fereday, Product Manager has been working on the new project alongside the Welsh Government;

“By adding an additional PoP (point of presence) to the exchange, we not only offer peering services to customers located within the NGD facility but also provide more options and opportunities for our current member base.”

“It’s a great step forward for LINX Wales and with the support we have from the local government it’s going from strength to strength.”

How to Connect to LINX Wales

Networks can interconnect at any of the LINX peering LANs directly or via one of our ConneXions Reseller Partners. However new members connect to LINX, they all pay the same annual membership fee and are entitled to all the same great benefits. Meet our data centre and reseller partners for LINX Wales here;

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