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What is an Internet Exchange Point?

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a physical point of presence where networks meet and exchange Internet traffic.


IXP Reseller

IXP Reseller offers networks a convenient connection to LINX via local Internet exchange points.

IXP Reseller allows our LINX members the ability to peer at other Internet Exchanges using one of our partners, through their existing LINX LON1 ports.

Members connected to the LON1 platform will by using private VLANs across the LINX platform connect to other partner exchanges.  Partners providing the transport varies for different partner Exchanges, and can be either the partner Exchange directly, or through one of our ConneXion reseller partners. Members wishing to connect to a remote Exchange will have to comply with the connectivity rules of the partner exchange as well as the transport provider.

Members have the option to provision a dedicated LINX port to the partner exchange or use a pVLAN connection on an existing LINX port to reach the partner Exchange over the transport provider.

Networks wanting to connect to LINX via their local IXP can do so and still benefit from everything that a full LINX member does. This is a simple and quick process for international networks wanting to peer in London, a key interconnection hub. LINX members who join via an IXP reseller.

How does IXP Reseller work?

The IXP Reseller programme allows new member networks to connect to LINX through an alternative local exchange in their region, thus giving them access to the array of benefits and services that LINX has to offer. The connection is made via one of LINX’s existing reseller partners meaning the member has just a single invoice to pay.

Contractual Terms and support arrangement will vary for each of the partner Exchanges and transport providers. Below you will see the Partner Exchanges available as well as the transport provider options and associated terms and conditions.

LINX IXP Resellers

LINX launched its IXP Reseller programme in 2016. This service allows networks to connect to their network via a third part exchange, thus giving the member network access to the array of benefits and services that LINX has to offer.


Partner Exchanges

NaMeX is the first Exchange to sign up to the LINX IXPReseller partner program. NaMEX provides and operates their own link into LINX and acts as the transport provider for IXPReseller, and are also a reseller for LINX ports in Rome. NaMEX are already successfully delivering members to LINX via this route.

This new collaboration between two not for profit and member based IXPs represents an increased value for both exchanges and their affiliates.

Maurizio Goretti, CEO NaMeXEstablished in 1995, is a neutral, not-for-profit, member based, Internet Exchange Point (IXP) located in Rome, Italy. In its carrier neutral colocation site in the heart of the city, NaMeX offers a convenient location for interconnection among domestic and international Internet Service Providers (ISP’) and network operators and it’s best positioned to serve the Central and Southern regions in Italy. For more information email info@namex.it

Pricing for connecting from LINX to NaMEX through IXP Reseller is provided by NaMEX as transport provider and LINX are acting as reseller of the NaMEX services.

Find NaMeX charter here https://www.namex.it/charter/

Find NaMeX technical regulations here https://www.namex.it/technical-regulations/

We have been in discussions for a partnership with LINX for quite some time and the members of JPIX have looked forward to peering with the members of LINX via the JPIX platform.

Ryosuke Yamazoe, CEO of JPIXSince JPIX was established in July 1997 as the first commercial IX in Japan, they have provided IX service from a neutral standpoint. They currently offer IX port service in Nagoya and Osaka, in addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area, customers in other regions can peer locally without having to longer to arrange for a circuit from their premises to Tokyo as in the past.

Get in touch with JPIX for more information here.


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