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LINX Newsletter (November 2021)


LINX114: Last Chance to Register!

The LINX114 member conference and EGM will take place at the Park Plaza Victoria, in London on Wednesday 10th – Thursday 11th November 2021. It will be our face-to-face member meeting since February 2020. Registration for in-person attendance will close at 2:00pm on Tuesday 9th November but the access to the webcast will remain available for members for the duration of the event.

LINX114 Event Page

In addition to the EGM session on the second day of LINX114, there will be important sessions on the 2022 pricing model and strategy, plus the launch of new LINX member portal. Two preview videos have been recorded that go into the detail behind these developments.

If you are a member and haven’t registered for LINX114 yet please sign up via the event page. If you are not a member but wish to attend, please email

LINX Network News

LINX Manchester Passes 250Gbps Traffic Milestone

LINX’s first regional exchange, LINX Manchester, was established in 2012. We are pleased to announce that on the 1st of November traffic tipped over the 250Gbps mark, hitting a new peak of 259.83Gbps.

LINX Manchester is accessible from four data centre facilities in the city; TeledataM247 and two Equinix (EMEA) Acquisition Enterprises B.V.. You can find out more about the growth of the exchange in our technical blog from 2020.

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LINX NoVA Welcome New Member CZ.NIC

CZ.NIC, the national domain registry for the Czech Republic is one of the latest networks to join LINX NoVA. The Czech association are taking a 10G port at LINX NoVA in Reston, Northern Virginia to connect one of their global Domain Name System (DNS) nodes.

Zdeněk Brůna, CTO for CZ.NIC says:

“Starting the new DNS location at LINX NoVA will further increase the security of DNS traffic and accelerate the processing of our DNS queries in North America. Adding this location in Reston is a part of bigger project for upgrading and strengthening the DNS infrastructure of our .CZ national domain.”

The association is now intensively working on development of the DNSSEC technology and mojeID service, extension and improvements of the domain administration system and support of new technologies and projects beneficial to the Internet infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

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LINX114 Agenda

Our first agenda back is packed with LINX operational and governance talks, regulatory news, and technical presentations plus a panel on content access. There will also talks from ours sponsors Nokia, Juniper Networks, and Ekinops. Some details are still being finalised but can confirm the following:

LINX Presentations
  • LINX EGM inc. approval of 2022 Budget (Pieter Knook, LINX Chair)
  • LINX CEO Update (Kurtis Lindqvist)
  • LINX Technology Update inc. projects, investments and 400GE readiness (Richard Petrie and Mariano Julia)
  • LINX Pricing Strategy and 2022 LINX Budget (Kurtis Lindqvist, Malcolm Holt)
  • LINX Public Affairs Update (Malcolm Hutty)
  • LINX Product Update inc. LINX Portal and LINX Marketplace (Mike Hellers)
  • LINX Elections Committee Update


External Presentations
  • Enabling 400GE and more on IP routers (Bruno De Troch, Nokia – LINX114 Lead Sponsor)
  • Physical Infrastructure: Challenges in Build for AltNets (Tom Rigg, B4RN)
  • Scottish Interconnection Market (James King, Host in Scotland)
  • Sports / Media / Streaming post-COVID (Richard Cooper, BBC)
  • The decade of full fibre broadband and what Zen is doing about it (with a little bit of AI thrown in for good measure) (Richard Tang, Zen Internet)
  • Automating Peering@Meta (Ben Ryhall & Jenny Ramseyer, Meta)
  • Content Access Panel Session (Phil Magill, Talk Talk, Ben Nicklin, Limelight Networks, Ronan Mullally, Akamai Technologies, Tom Rigg, B4RN)
  • Equinix Update inc. MA5 in Manchester (Martin Atkinson, Equinix)
  • Lightning talks from Silver Sponsor Ekinops, plus PCCW, Simwood and Vorboss


LINX114 Event Page

LINX114 graphic

LINX Virtual Events… The Playbacks!

Here’s an opportunity to catch up on two WomenTechConnect Fundamentals webinars in partnership with AfPIF Virtual Peering, LINX and Workonline Communications.

WomenTechConnect presents Lunch & Learn: Fundamentals Series #1

This webinar covers Service Provider Essentials: All you need to know about BGP, MPLS, VPNs and more, presented by Senior Network Engineer, Michelle Opiyo. Michelle will take you through the fundamentals of routing, including key concepts of routing basics, and some critical use cases during her career at Workonline Communications.

WomenTechConnect presents Lunch & Learn: Fundamentals Series #2

In this webinar, we cover Datacentre Operations and Engineering: All you need to know about the ins and outs of Datacentres, presented by Peering & Interconnect Specialist at Teraco Data Environments, Yolandi. She will take you through the fundamentals of the technical requirements of racking, stacking and patching, and some fascinating insights into Africa’s most interconnected datacentres, Teraco Data Environments.

If you have missed any of LINX’s live events or training sessions we make them available to watch again in our Learn with LINX section and LINX YouTube Channel.

Video Tutorials & Webinars

LINX Round Up

LINX Partner News

LINX Become Official Microsoft Azure Peering Service Partner

LINX have announced a partnership with Microsoft as they become an official provider of the Microsoft Azure Peering Service.

This new partnership will allow the current LINX member base and new networks to establish direct peering with Microsoft and access public Azure services using LINX’s resilient and secure infrastructure. Use of this service ensures that traffic for prefixes registered through the connection enters and exits the nearest Microsoft Edge PoP location on the Microsoft Global Network.

In addition, users of the service can opt-in to additional Peering Service telemetry through the Azure portal. This includes latency monitoring and BGP route anomaly detection.

The Microsoft Azure Peering Service is available now at LINX in London. Accessible to any networks connected to LINX’s LON1 interconnection platform.

Existing LINX members can head over to the LINX Member Portal to start their Microsoft Azure Peering Service and new networks looking to benefit can contact LINX at

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Public Affairs News

Yahoo Withdraws from China over ‘Challenging Environment’

Yahoo has become the latest foreign technology company to withdraw from the Chinese market in response to what it described as “the increasingly challenging and legal environment in China”. The company announced that its suite of services would no longer be available from 1 November, stating: “Yahoo remains committed to the rights of our users and a free and open internet.”

Yahoo’s move coincided with the implementation of China’s new data protection law, the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), which has been compared to the GDPR in Europe. The PIPL introduces a range of regulations about how data can be collected and stored, with the threat of potentially huge fines of up to 5% of a company’s annual turnover. Chinese laws also stipulate that companies operating in the country must hand over data if requested by authorities.

Microsoft’s professional networking platform LinkedIn announced it was shutting down its operations in China, blaming a “significantly more challenging operational environment and greater compliance requirements.”

For more information on LINX Public Affairs please follow the link below.

LINX Public Affairs

Industry News Briefing

What You May Have Missed

LINXcast Celebrates First Birthday

The first episode of the LINX podcast was launched on 3rd Novemeber 2020. Across two series, there have been 17 full episodes, 1500 unique downloads from 47 different countries. This year we’ve covered topics from ‘How life, including COVID-19 vaccines, is digital’ to ‘African networks, connectivity and remote peering’ with LINX members and partners Epsilon Telecommunications.

Take a look and a listen to the different topics we’ve covered and if you’ve like to share any ideas for a future podcast or join us to discuss a topic, why not reach out to us!

LINXcast Podcast


Latest Edition of LINXcast

Series 2 Episode 10: This episode of LINXcast previews the launch of the new LINX membership portal. Our guests were Mike Hellers (LINX Product Development Manager), Riccardo Verzeni (LINX Software Engineering Manager), and Katrina Smith (LINX Membership Manager). Among the topics covered were an overview of what the portal is and why is it important, the development process, the technical framework, security and authentication, features, plus the next steps in the development of the portal.


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