LINX Manchester Virtual Meeting

LINX Manchester virtual meeting will take place on

Wednesday 31st March 2021.


ALL LINKS have been sent out to attend. Check your spam/ junk folders if you have not received this yet.

Registration has closed, but please email and we will be able to send you the link to attend.

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What to expect from our virtual meeting.

  • LINX Manchester Virtual Meeting is a Zoom meeting rather than a webinar which will aid interactivity and enable attendees to see others watching in.
  • We will have our usual LINX presenters and external presenters for this meeting.

LINX Manchester Meeting Feedback

We encourage all attendees to give their feedback after attending the event. During the afternoon a link will be posted to the survey. Attendees who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for an Amazon voucher worth £25. 

In Meeting Protocol

  • We will be running a waiting room for added security so please log into the meeting 10-15 minutes before the meeting is due to start. When logging into the meeting, please use your FULL NAME. We will not allow anyone into the room with a singular name or abbreviations of their name.
  • If you’d like to ask a question or make a point, ‘please hold up your hand’ and the moderator will invite you to unmute and ask your question.
  • Should there be any issues entering the meeting, please contact


Session Time



14:00 BST

Meeting Start

Jeremy Orbell

14:10 BST

Steering Eyeballs Closer to Content: Wholesale Networks Tricks for Local Traffic Delivery

In this talk Marek will explore some of the ways that Faelix is consuming services provided by wholesale network access providers to optimise traffic routing from CDNs to users.  Using BGP to reduce inter-POP backbone link capacity and maximise use of your regional peering IX ports

Marek Isalski

14:35 BST

LINX Technology Update

Watch the recording here

Joe Jefford

14:45 BST

Manchester Update – Facebook

Recording Unavailable

Ben Ryall

15:00 BST


15:15 BST

Accessing the Hidden Communication Network: How Network Rail is opening up its Fibre Network

In this talk Richard will provide an overview of how Network Rail is providing access to its telecommunication assets for external partners. Access is enabling them to access new opportunities, build more robust networks and supporting them to deliver Gigabit connectivity across the UK.

Watch the recording here

Richard Francis

15:30 BST

Infrastructure Heavy Delivery at Scale: How Organizations can Flex to Deliver Value FAST

In this talk, John Dearden (Technology Principal for AND Digital) will talk about:

* How ways of working must become agile and LEAN to deliver at pace
* How the Dev, DevOps, QA and CI processes have to mature to enable safe and RELIABLE delivery
* Which technologies can accelerate this at scale, while keeping the solution as SIMPLE as possible

Video coming soon 

John Dearden

15:45 BST

LINX Product Update

Watch the recording

Mike Hellers

15:55 BST

LINX Elections Committee

Watch the recording


16:00 BST

Close & Social