LINX General Meetings

The AGM in May and the EGM in November

LINX’s General Meetings are where LINX Members can directly affect the running of LINX. The company is required by UK law to have a meeting annually, the Annual General Meeting or AGM. This typically is held during the second day of the LINX member conference in late May. Because of the timing of LINX’s financial year, some matters cannot be dealt with in May, so a second meeting is held in November – an Extraordinary General Meeting or EGM. Though not that extraordinary since we hold it every year – typically held during the second day of the late November member conference. Very occasionally where there is other important business to deal with, further EGMs can be called.

The business of a general meeting is presented to the members as a number of resolutions. The resolutions typically come from the LINX Board, or from the LINX staff with the support of the Board. However, any member can request a matter to be put to the members as a resolution. Additionally, at the May AGM two of LINX’s Board elected directors retire in rotation and an election is held following the AGM for two new directors. Retiring directors can restand subject to certain term limits. The final business at a general meeting can be to consider any suspended members and allows the members the opportunity to permit the suspended members to remain as members. If not, they are removed from membership at the general meeting.

The AGM in May

At the AGM, the audited accounts for the last financial year are presented and considered for approval by the members. The auditors are formally appointed for the following year. In addition any relevant matters, such as changes to the LINX governance documents may be considered.

Prior to the AGM any candidates for the two Board vacancies attend the member conference for a session to answer questions from the membership – the election hustings. Following the hustings and for the two weeks following the AGM members can vote in the ballot to elect the directors.

The EGM in November

The resolutions in November typically concern the budget for the following financial year. Members are asked to formally approve LINX’s service fees, the elected directors’ remuneration and the overall budget.

In addition, any other matters can be brought for the members to approve.

Members’ approval

LINX operates on the basis of one member one vote – though where members are under common control, they collectively get just one vote. This applies to voting on resolutions and in the election. LINX’s voting is overseen independently by Electoral Reform Services, part of the respected Electoral Reform Society. They provide both voting by post and online.

Most resolutions are decided on a 50% majority, but special resolutions (which affect the main corporate documents) require a 75% vote in favour to be passed. The percentage is of those who vote for or against, non-voters or abstainers are disregarded.

The election of Board directors is decided by single transferrable vote.

In order to vote, a member needs to have appointed one or more person to act as their corporate representative. This is discussed in the section on voting at LINX general meetings.

The items to be considered at a general meeting are announced with a notice of the general meeting three weeks before the meeting. This is also circulated to the membership mailing list. Any unusual matters which LINX will ask members to approve will typically be raised for consultation at the members conference three months ahead of the general meeting. There’s more elsewhere in the website on member consultations.

See also the General Meetings FAQ for more information and General Meetings minutes for the approved minutes of recent past meetings.